Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back From All The Travel

Well finally I have completed all my travel for a while so this evening I started the Heritage Core A & B lessons in the new program. I am beginning my journey to paint every project in the manual so have ordered lots of wood. I did not get a lot completed this evening but I did get at least something done as I am painting both projects at the same time. My plan is to paint a little more of both pieces tomorrow evening after work. Who knows, I may even get them finished.
This weekend I have a seminar scheduled for Painter's Paradise in Delaware to complete two pieces over the weekend. I think both projects will be fun and really informative. I will tell everyone about it and post pictures.
You know, I just realized something. I am getting as bad as Paul. I have 5 unfinished projects that I am working on at the moment. I work on one of the for a while then lay it aside and pick up the next one. I feel that is giving me a little variety so I do not get bored with any one piece. I know, it does sound a little weird but it is working for me. Well that is it from the home front for this evening. I will post more, with pictures, after tomorrow evening. Until the next time, Happy Painting.

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  1. Hi David,

    Good to see that you have started painting Mod 1 using the new Heritage paints. The pieces are fun aren't they! Love all the designs too. Who is your teacher for the new Module? Do you give them a hard time? LOL.......