Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Making Changes - Very Busy - Somewhat Tired

This week, again, has been very busy here at the ole homestead. We are currently having our painting (studio) room sheetrocked and finished so we can provide a space for classes. Just having that done has put me out of my painting area for the past two weeks. So I have been painting at my desk where all my computers are located. I have to keep getting up going to my room to pick up paints, tracing paper, varnish, etc. What a pain but I know in the end the room will be much nicer after completion. Then I will do all my painting there. Talk about painting. Even though the room is a mess because of all the construction, I have spent most of the time this week painting as you can see from the pictures above. I did not include pictures of two other pieces that I have started. One is a David Jansen seminar floral piece (just have the piece basecoated) and my pattern that I have designed and am painting on a surface. I am just surprised that I have completed as many pieces that I did over the past week. I am now working on the floral piece from the training manual where I have marbelized the surface (pictured above). I know that my piece appears to be more marbelized than the instructional photos but I preferred a darker/stronger marbelizing. Now, when I am finished with the project, lets see if I still think the same as now. But for now, I like the stronger look.

Now on top of all the construction mess, we have been very busy with all the new supplies and surfaces that are arriving daily. I have had Mark busy putting together new shelving to hold all the new goodies. We are getting some very different items for our area. We are looking to be more of a boutique where we will bring in those surfaces that painters would not normally find in our area. As of this morning, we have over 305 different items in stocke that we carry a minimum of 3 each. Many of the items we carry at least 6 and have each item systematically displayed. We are very orderly and neat when it comes to displaying our stock and of course this takes time to maintain. It is exciting to watch our inventory grow along with our other items of our business like our FaceBook friends. Now that is an area that has just taking off. As of this morning we have over 1032 friends that are connected to us on FaceBook. We post finished pieces, progression pictures, new product news, decorative painting techniques and news, etc. on FaceBook and are getting very positive comments back. We are really quite surprised at how quickly that part of our outreach program has grown. So FaceBook, Twitter, Pampered Palette Blog, Website and Store, keeps us very busy. In the future months, when we get most of our inventory in place (and we definitely expect that to grow quickly) we think things will calm down a little so that we can focus on the business and our classes. But for now, it is busy, busy, busy. Which reminds me, I need to get back to work. I have to paint today on two pieces that I would like to have completed by the weekend. So, back to work for me. Until the next post, Happy Painting.

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