Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Premiere Art Expo For The Discerning Artist

We are so excited to provide you with a list of our WOCE teachers/artists. See below all those very talented individuals that will be providing class instruction and fun at this year's World of Color Expo 2015.  Please visit the World of Color Expo website at for more information (class catalog will be released before the end of February 2015).  Event and Class registration begins March 15, 2015.

Do not miss out on this exciting NEW east coast Art Expo. The Premiere Art Expo For The Discerning Artist.

Arlene Linton
Belinda Harris
Bonnie Frederico
Carol Spohn
Catherine Bonnie Jones
David Bailey
Donna Roskamp
Dorothy Dent
Janelle Johnson
Jo Legg
Kay Witt
Ken Brown
Kevin Hill
Margit Hartl
Mark Polomchak
Marlene Kreutz
Mary Kingslan Gibilisco
Mary McLean CDA
Maureen Baker
Jo Lutness
Kitty Gorrell
Ming Franz
Nancy Dale Kinney-Stout
Nicholas Hankins
Pamela Stevens
Pat Lentine
Patricia Appling
Rebecca Baer
Robert Gilbert
Robert Warren
Sandra Philips
Sandy Scales
Shelley Prior
Susan Shaffer
Tina Sue Norris
Tom Jones
The Premiere Art Expo For The Discerning Artist.

Catalog and Registration coming SOON! Go to for information.

Reserve Your Hotel Room Today.  You can now make reservations for WOCE 2015 at our special rate of $131 per night by calling the hotel directly and mentioning the Code WOC15.  For the 2015 Expo, all WOCE artists staying at the Washington Dulles Hilton during the Expo will receive a FREE buffet breakfast as part of the room rate (no additional charge).  This saves artists about $18.00 per day in food costs.  The Hilton will open one of their restaurants for the buffet breakfast that will be used only for WOCE artists staying at the hotel during the Expo.  Now that is truly a neat perk!

Call Washington Dulles Hilton at (703) 478-2900 to reserve your room!

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