Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Website and Online Store Coming Soon!

We are really busy trying to get our new website and online store constructed and rolled out. We do not know how long this will take but are hoping to get everything done this month. We are combining a lot of our websites into one very user friendly site. The new site will have a newsletter, a forum, the Pampered Palette website, the Pampered Palette Educational Network and our online store all in one place. Now how cool is that? Now some may ask why we are redoing our website/store? Well, we are trying to bring up a site that is a lot more flexible for us, more user friendly for end user, and more visually pleasing to the customer. We have been busy configuring and pulling data into the new system. Currently, all the products and prices have been included in the system. We now are trying to bring up the website information, forum and newsletter along with TESTING, TESTING, and more TESTING. It seems like we do not have enough hands to get everything done and find the time to paint as well. We expect that once the site is launched then everything will calm down a bit (we hope).
We are rolling out several seminars using one of our local ceramic studios space for the classes. Soon we will have our own class area completed. We have the room almost finished, painted and the flat screens mounted. We are currently waiting for some gadgets we need to pull everything together so that we can display different pictures on the three different screens or all the same picture. We have added a brand new camcorder where we can zoom into to see a flea on a fly's We are really excited about the classes and the new space.
Do not forget about HOOT. We will be there with two booth spaces, 413-415, so if you are planning a trip to Ohio to attend HOOT, be sure and stop by our booths and say hello. We also would like to remind everyone about the Washington DC area Mini-Conference/Exposition scheduled for November 20/21 with our Special Guest, David Jansen painting an Armoire. What an exciting year we have planned. So, stay tuned for more news. Until next time, HAPPY PAINTING!