Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Booth Backdrop For the SDP Conference

As always, times have been a little rough around here lately. We are getting ready for the SDP and HOOT Conferences so that means we need to determine what we are taking to the show. We have a booth at both shows so I decided last week that I would have a professional backdrop made for the booth. Above is a picture of the backdrop which we received yesterday via FEDEX. So it looks like we will be using the booth backdrop at the SDP show. YAHOOOOOO!!!! The backdrop is actually 8 feet by 8 feet so it should fill the booth very well. Now all we have to do is get ourselves and everything else to Wichita.

I am trying to get some painting done however with everything going on right now, it has been a little difficult to get into my painting area. We are having the classroom constructed which is taking a little longer than I expected. Well we now have walls and they are painted........now that is a start. This past weekend we had 18 cans (lights) installed in the ceiling for lighting and two 42" flat screen TVs. The TVs will assist the student during class to see brushstrokes, blending, or whatever as they are hooked to the camcorder. We are getting there.

For those that do not know, we two seminars scheduled already for June. I will be the instructor for the Fusion Blending seminar and we are bringing Sandy Scales for a two day seminar. Sandy will be providing instruction for two of Maureen McNaughton's patterns. So as you can see, we are a little busy and excited at the same time.

Along with all this excitement, we had our first decorative painted piece on ceramic bisque published in the Ceramic Artist Guild's e-magazine (Cerakanvas) which is read by over 66,000 individuals worldwide. The magazine is very professional and is packed full of fun ideas and projects. Check it out at www.ceramicartistguild.com . About a month ago, I was made the Ceramic Artist Guild's Special Ambassador for Decorative Painting. Well this month, I became a SDP Ambassador as well so now I promote both decorative painting and ceramics to both organizations. What an exciting time but very busy. Which reminds me. I have got to run so I can get some things completed. Who knows, maybe I will be able to paint some today......one can only hope. Until the next post, Happy Painting!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

November Event Plans Moving Right Along - Everyone is Invited

We are planning a great event this November with Special Guest David Jansen. Above is our current advertisement with all the information. Individuals can also check out our website for new information. Go to http://www.pamperedpalette.com and look under the Tab "Washington Mini-Convention. We hope to see everyone there. Do not miss this event. When is the last time David Jansen visited the Washington DC area not to mention we have very talented artists like Georgia Dawbon, Arlene Newman, Bev Scarborough that you do not want to miss. See you there!

Friday, April 9, 2010

SDP Wichita Conference - May 2010

This will be just a short post to invite everyone to stop by our booth (317) at the SDP Conference, in Wichita this May. Above is a picture of our advertisement that will run in the SDP Conference Program. Only one month to go!!!!!!! See ya there.

Until the next post, Happy Painting.