Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Comments About Pampered Palette From Seminar Attendees

This past weekend we had a fantastic seminar at our studio with guest artist David Jansen. I wanted to share some of the comments that we have received from the attendees. We appreciate so much their comments, friendship and their business. Check out the comments below:

"Thank you so much for your hospitality this past weekend. Good company, good classes, gracious hosts and great food.  I appreciate so much your dedication to excellence in the decorative painting community. My very best wishes for continued success with Pampered Palette". (Susan M.)

"The seminar was WONDERFUL - and we need to thank you for sponsoring David to come to teach us. It was the best seminar I have been to in 10 years. So, again THANK YOU VERY MUCH". (Bennie P.)

"Thank you both for providing such a wonderful painting experience. What a treat to have David Jansen teach practically in my backyard". (Susan V.)

"I had a lovely time. Thank you". (Rickie S.)

"What a blast! I have learned so much in 3 days. Thank you for pampering us with great food and gifts while we learned from the fantabulous David Jansen". (Bobbie B.)

"Greatest seminar ever! Lot of laughs, terrific food, incredible lectures!". (Kristina R.)

"Dear David and Mark,  What a great weekend with good friends! Learning painting techniques from David Jansen, eating fabulous food, meeting new people, having a great studio to paint in, and oh, my, the gifts just ...kept coming from Pampered Palette. I particularly love my new painting apron. Now I won't want to get any paint on it! We were certainly pampered! Your Pampered Palette name is so appropriate.

I am so glad I finally was able to attend a seminar in your most welcoming and comfortable environment and look forward to more." (Jackie N)

"Pampered Palette is a "Class Act". Enjoyed the seminar and appreciated David's teaching style. "Pampered Palette" is definitely a well organized and run operation along with making you feel welcome and of course pampered.  Thank you," (Nancy G)

I will say, this was one of the best seminars I have ever been to if not the best.  Good friends, wonderful food, great teacher, and wonderful hosts.  Thank you so much for everything.  (Becky B.)

Again, we would like to thank all 23 individuals that joined us for this great seminar making it such a HUGE success.

For those of you that were unable to attend our seminar, then maybe we will see you soon at another seminar sponsored by Pampered Palette. Don't you think you need to be "pampered" at your next seminar? Join us and you will see how Pampered Palette is different.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

David and Mark

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pampered Palette Gear Now Available


We, at Pampered Palette, have always given to our customers whether with GREAT customer service, expeditious shipping or just pampering them during a seminar. We usually try to have some sort of little item for all attendees to make the their educational experience at our studio just a little more memorable and fun. We have had such a great response to the items that recently individuals have approached us about buying some the items for themselves or to give away to friends.

So, in an effort to satisfy all of the requests we are receiving to purchase items, we have set up a Pampered Palette Gear catagory at our online website store. All items are available at cost so you will pay what we pay for the items. All items pictured above are or will be available at our online store. More items will be added as we move forward. At the present time we have available bumper stickers, coffee mugs, baseball caps, keychains, mousepads, notebooks, aprons and coming soon Pampered Palette Shirts.

Get your Pampered Palette Gear today!   Visit to order.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tatiana Sholokhova 2012 - 3 Day Zhostovo Seminar


This is going to be such an exciting seminar. Tatiana, a Master Artist from Russia, will be here in the DC area only for this seminar. This is Tatiana's only East coast seminar all of 2012. What a great seminar. What a beautiful piece and technique. Learn the Zhostovo style of painting. Beautiful lessons and completed surfaces. Learn techniques that you can use on other pieces. You really do not want to miss this seminar.

Seats will be very limited so reserve your space today.

Tatiana Sholokhova Zhostovo Style 3 day Seminar

August 3, 4, 5, 2012

Tatiana will be teaching a piece similar but not exactly like the one pictured here. There will be some changes to the pattern of the piece pictured. We will post additional pictures when we receive them but expect the piece to the like the one posted. The pattern is painted on a LARGE heavy metal tray. We plan to offer a wood and metal surface - students will select their piece prior to the seminar.

Seminar Cost $350.00 for the three days and includes all paints, mediums, patterns and photographs. The surface for this seminar will be available through Pampered Palette (not included in the Seminar costs mentioned above). NOTE: Attendees will have their choice of the metal tray pictured above or a suitable wooden surface.

$100.00 deposit required to reserve seminar seatSeminar will be held at Pampered Palette Gainesville, Virginia

Visit to reserve your seat today or contact us at (703) 754-8141. Any questions concerning this seminar should be directed to me -

Do not miss this exciting and beautiful seminar. This is truly Tatiana's only East Coast visit for all of 2012. Do not miss this one. Sign up today and reserve your seat.

Tatiana Sholokhova is one of the leading artists of the Russian craft that is called Zhostovo Decorative Painting.

Tatiana was born in 1967 in the town of Dmitrov, in the Moscow region. She graduated from the Zhostovo faculty of Fedoskino Miniature Painting School. She’s been working in

the craft since 1985. She is a member of the creative board at the Zhostovo factory. Tatiana Sholokhova is a member of the Russian Union of Artists. She teaches at the factory’s Art Lyceum. Tatiana is a participant of the Russian national and international

exhibitions. She became a laureate of the New Names International Charity Program and took part in presentation of the Program at the Vatican. She was awarded with the diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts for her achievements in 1996.

Works by Tatiana Sholokhova are recognized by their high professionalism, individual manner of painting, interesting coloristic and design solutions. The artist creates pieces of high artistic value in the classic style developing and enriching traditions of Zhostovo masters.

Tatiana was given an honorary title of the Merited Artist of the Russian Federation in 2003. She teaches classes in Russia and abroad. Tatiana’s works are in museums and private collections in many countries around the world.

Visit to reserve your seat.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Really Busy Time For Us!!! Lots of Stuff Going On!!!!

We have been so busy lately trying to get everything completed, updated or rearranged. A couple of weeks ago we had to empty our entire training room so that we could install new flooring, which makes the room much nicer and a lot easier for those leather rolling chairs that students sit on to paint. Those chairs work so well on the new floor that we could run races as the chairs just zip After the floor was installed we decided that since we had to put everything back into the training room, that we would make a few changes. We have added lots of new items like additional lighting in the ceiling, new surfaces, Lynne Andrews patterns, Arlene Linton books, Scottie Foster books, and we are installing a ceiling mounted sound system so that everyone attending classes can hear the instructor. Lots and lots of changes.

We have also had two seminars recently with Tatiana's Zhostovo Style seminar, Sandy Scales Maureen McNaughton Seminar, my own classes and of course the upcoming David Jansen seminar. Seems like we have very little time to get anything else done but that is not the case. This week I finished two pieces that I have been painting and am working on a third. Really busy.

We are also getting ready for next year. We have seminars booked at our studio all the way through December 2012. We have seminars with Arlene Linton, Sandy Scales, Louis Mueller, Val Cole, Tatiana Sholokhova, Serina Huang and Mark Polomchak, just to name a few. What an exciting year 2012 will be. For conferences, we are expanding that area as well. We will have booths at SDP (Wichita) Conference, HOOT Conference and for the first time we will be exhibiting at the Artist Expo Houston. We are so looking forward to meeting many of our friends and making new friends at the shows. Those are just a few things that we have in the works so it looks like next year will be very busy for us as we continue to grow.

On a final note, we are now a PROUD business sponsor of the National Museum of Decorative Painting. We would like to encourage everyone to support the decorative painting museum in some way, with a generous donation or a visit to the museum. Any support whatsoever is greatly appreciated. Also, watch for the Pampered Palette advertisements in the PaintWorks Magazine.

For information about what is happening at Pampered Palette, email us at or visit our website which includes updated information and our online store. See you all soon.........somewhere. Until then, HAPPY PAINTING!