Monday, September 26, 2011

Pampered Palette Gear Now Available


We, at Pampered Palette, have always given to our customers whether with GREAT customer service, expeditious shipping or just pampering them during a seminar. We usually try to have some sort of little item for all attendees to make the their educational experience at our studio just a little more memorable and fun. We have had such a great response to the items that recently individuals have approached us about buying some the items for themselves or to give away to friends.

So, in an effort to satisfy all of the requests we are receiving to purchase items, we have set up a Pampered Palette Gear catagory at our online website store. All items are available at cost so you will pay what we pay for the items. All items pictured above are or will be available at our online store. More items will be added as we move forward. At the present time we have available bumper stickers, coffee mugs, baseball caps, keychains, mousepads, notebooks, aprons and coming soon Pampered Palette Shirts.

Get your Pampered Palette Gear today!   Visit to order.

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