Friday, September 2, 2011

A Really Busy Time For Us!!! Lots of Stuff Going On!!!!

We have been so busy lately trying to get everything completed, updated or rearranged. A couple of weeks ago we had to empty our entire training room so that we could install new flooring, which makes the room much nicer and a lot easier for those leather rolling chairs that students sit on to paint. Those chairs work so well on the new floor that we could run races as the chairs just zip After the floor was installed we decided that since we had to put everything back into the training room, that we would make a few changes. We have added lots of new items like additional lighting in the ceiling, new surfaces, Lynne Andrews patterns, Arlene Linton books, Scottie Foster books, and we are installing a ceiling mounted sound system so that everyone attending classes can hear the instructor. Lots and lots of changes.

We have also had two seminars recently with Tatiana's Zhostovo Style seminar, Sandy Scales Maureen McNaughton Seminar, my own classes and of course the upcoming David Jansen seminar. Seems like we have very little time to get anything else done but that is not the case. This week I finished two pieces that I have been painting and am working on a third. Really busy.

We are also getting ready for next year. We have seminars booked at our studio all the way through December 2012. We have seminars with Arlene Linton, Sandy Scales, Louis Mueller, Val Cole, Tatiana Sholokhova, Serina Huang and Mark Polomchak, just to name a few. What an exciting year 2012 will be. For conferences, we are expanding that area as well. We will have booths at SDP (Wichita) Conference, HOOT Conference and for the first time we will be exhibiting at the Artist Expo Houston. We are so looking forward to meeting many of our friends and making new friends at the shows. Those are just a few things that we have in the works so it looks like next year will be very busy for us as we continue to grow.

On a final note, we are now a PROUD business sponsor of the National Museum of Decorative Painting. We would like to encourage everyone to support the decorative painting museum in some way, with a generous donation or a visit to the museum. Any support whatsoever is greatly appreciated. Also, watch for the Pampered Palette advertisements in the PaintWorks Magazine.

For information about what is happening at Pampered Palette, email us at or visit our website which includes updated information and our online store. See you all soon.........somewhere. Until then, HAPPY PAINTING!

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