Monday, August 31, 2009

Painter's Paradise Class

Sandy Scales assist class member as Mark speaks with John.

A class member paints while Jo Lutness checks her wet palette..............

One of the pieces I was painting (yes, this is my piece).........................

We painted some and then we SHOPPED FOR GOODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, then I SHOPPED some more.....................................

Good Monday morning everyone! We returned from our Sandy Scales classes held at Painter's Paradise in Delaware last night arriving back home around 7:30 pm. We made excellent time even though the traffic was somewhat heavy all the way down the road. I don't have a lot of time this morning to post so I thought I would at least get some of the pictures I taken up on the blog. All the pictures above where taken this weekend at Jo and Johns (Painter's Paradise). It was a little hectic as we were trying to complete three McNaughton pieces but we all seemed to survive to live another day...................ha. Jo made sure that Mark and I behaved and did not disrupt the class as she sat right behind us, we assume to keep us in line. All kidding aside, we had a great time. There were times that I felt a little frantic mainly because since I am a BBiT (Big Brush in Training), I just do not paint as fast as some of the more experienced painters (Mark paints faster than I off). However, I was able to hang in there and finished two pieces with very good progress on the third. I guess I have to drag out the paints to finish the third piece. Anyway, all was great. We painted, and laughed, we painted and laughed some more. Sandy is a great teacher (lots of patience with all of us.......ha) we feel that we learned a lot in the class. The place, Painter's Paradise, was very comfortable and a very nice training facility. Now for those of you that missed Sandy's classes this weekend, I understand from Jo that Sandy will be back at Painter's Paradise in December of this year (I think the first weekend). Mark and I have already made plans to be there................Until I have a little more time to blog, post my finished pieces (need to take photos) and Mark's finished pieces also, keep painting...................................Have a great day, I am off to work............................

Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are off to Painter's Paradise for Classes!

Well tomorrow we have to get packed, load the vehicle, and get ready for an early departure Saturday morning as we are driving up to Painter's Paradise in Delaware for classes. I don't know if you are aware of Painter's Paradise (Jo) but I started placing orders with them I guess about 8 months ago. We were doing a search on the internet for paints, supplies and magazines and their link showed up in the results. We could not be happier with the service we have received from Painter's Paradise. I have been able to place orders one day and actually receive the merchandise the very next day. We would recommend their business to any one needing supplies, patterns, brushes, paints, etc. Now that we are finished with the advertisement.....ha. Let's move on. This weekend, at Painter's Paradise, Sandy Scales will be teaching some of Maureen McNaughton's techniques/patterns (pictures above). We have never taking a class from Sandy so we are really looking forward to the experience. We met Sandy originally in Peoria (SDP convention) where she assisted Maureen with her classes and then saw her in the classes at HOOT. So we kind of feel like we already know her. It should be fun and of course we are learning. We have adopted this new attitude to take as many classes and work on as many pieces as possible so that we can continue our learning. Well even though we have been registering and sitting in several classes already, we have now turned up the heat, so to speak. We registered for the Maureen McNaughton seminar to be held in February 2010 at the SDP Headquarters in Wichita. We already have our flights, car, and hotel booked. We are all ready to go!!!!!!!!!

Now what else do we have planned. Other than the SDP (plan to take Hazel Anthony's class next year) and HOOT conventions next year, we have to work into our schedule to get into one of David Jansen's classes. We, or maybe I should say I, just don't feel I know enough or have painted enough to sit in one of his classes. Maybe I am wrong but it is a confidence thing with me. I know I have a lot more confidence now than I had about 6 or 7 months ago. So that is a big goal on our list, to take on of his classes or more. We also need to get up to Pennsylvania to take a class with Paul and Cathy Seymour. Of course that will not occur until the Pennsylvania goes through its thaw (all kinds of snow during the winter months). We (again me) do not do well with snow or the cold. And, we have to get up to Canada to take a class with Georgia Dawbon. We have so many things on our plate right now, we do not know how we will accomplish everything. I guess only time will tell. It is probably a good thing that we work for a computer company as we can maintain a calendar of events.........................ha.

Anyway, we are looking forward to the classes this weekend. We will write and post pictures next week so you can see whether or not we made it through the class. Finally, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW HERITAGE PAINTS AND CLASSES. This is like Christmas..........will it ever get here? Yes............and really soon. Happy Painting. See you next week.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I know that I am not a real pro when it comes to decorative painting but I am really pleased with my progress so far. This week I came home from HOOT all energized and decided that I wanted to get with the program, so to speak, and paint more. So, I did one Maureen McNaughton piece this week, posted earlier, and today I did David's fusion blending technique from his website. I don't believe the piece looks bad at all for a beginner but I am not so arrogant to not realize that I still have loads to learn. I am just so pleased that I am able to do this much. Mark is working on the same piece so I will post a picture of his version later when completed.

This week in an effort to improve my little studio where I paint my projects, I went out and purchased another computer. I already had a Sony flat screen TV in my work area with a DVD player attached but I needed something that I could actually get to the internet to watch David's online training classes. Thus the purchase of the computer. The computer plugs directly into the TV so I use the TV as my monitor. Now I no longer need the DVD player as the computer plays DVDs and provides for internet self pace training classes. Paul get the hint?????? I am ready for the new online Heritage classes........ha. Anyway, it has been a very busy week for me when it comes to painting. Tomorrow I will go back to working on the David's Ompir Strawberry plaque (started that ages ago). I think it is time to get that one finished as well.

What do I scheduled for painting? Next weekend Mark and I will be traveling to Painter's Paradise in Delaware to take two days of classes from Sandy Scales. I will post some pictures and all the scoop for the classes. Until the next time I post, keep painting.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Piece Just Finished

I just wanted to share with everyone (or those reading my blog) the piece that I finished this evening. I actually did this all by myself, alone, in my home, not in a class just using a DVD. I don't think it is bad. I think it shows that I am gaining some confidence when it comes to brush control. Of course others may not think so but I am happy. I guess I will have to take a class on taking photos.......these are not that great. Keep Painting.

I guess it is not bad for a beginner. I figure that I have now been painting for about 8 months. Have a great evening.

HOOT Comments and Pictures

Good morning to everyone. We returned from HOOT on Sunday a little tired from the 7 hour drive but still energized from what we had experienced. We had a great time painting with Paul and Cathy Seymour at the Global Arts booth on Saturday morning. I think we stayed long enough that Paul and Cathy just about threw us out of the booth. Nothing like over staying your welcome..........right Paul? Ha. We had a great class with Maureen McNaughton on Friday, which was actually more of an intermediate class but we hung in there and did fine. SEE!!!!! Even beginners should never be afraid to attempt something new!

I did make one big mistake though. In the past when I ran my own Ceramics business, I had booth space at many of the east coast conventions/shows and while there I took all kinds of photos. We were allowed to take pictures of the booths and the pieces. Which I did. Well at HOOT that is evidently a No, No. I did not realize that so on Thursday when we arrived, I am snapping pictures like crazy. No one said a word so I certainly did not think I was doing anything wrong. That night at the hotel, I was reading the HOOT program and there in big letters it said "ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOGRAPH TAKING IS ALLOWED" (probably not the exact words but I got the point). You better believe that I did not take the camera to the show floor on Friday or Saturday. All day Saturday the HOOT organization made announcements that photograph taking would not be allowed if if the offender did not stop, they would be escorting from the show floor. AND NO IT WAS NOT ME! I learn from my mistakes. Anyway, I did snap a view pictures on Thursday so for those that could not attend, see below:

Global Arts Booth - Cathy Seymour teaching
(A lot of people participated in the make it/take it classes)

Cathy teaching - Paul watching..............hmmmm.

Maureen McNaughton's class - I was there in this class!

Sally McAloon and Sandy Scales hard at work in Maureen McNaughton's class.

No pictures of the Jansen Art booth this time as David was painting and I did not want to disturb him with flashes. Not that David would probably mind but I try to be respectful of others at times. For those that could not make it to the convention, you really missed a nice, very well organized show. I have met many people that for some reason always seem to recognize me from the picture on my website ( This has now happen to me in Peoria and in Columbus, how odd. Anyway, I have already booked my hotel room for next year's convention.

That is it for this time. Hopefully, we will see everyone next year!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yesterday was the big day for us. We jumped out of bed (well not really jumped), pulled ourselves together and off we drove to the convention center. We were on a mission to BUY wood so upon arriving at the show, we went straight to the Unique Woods booth. They are based out of Arlington Texas and have some absolutely great pieces. I usually order online for wood from Unique and have to have all the pieces shipped but this time I drove to HOOT so I was set to BUY, BUY, BUY. And I did. I bought some great pieces of wood and several great patterns from Rosemary West. If you have not purchased from Unique Woods, I wood recommend their pieces. They are definitely very nice. You can find them on the internet at After the wood purchase, we walked around the show room floor taking in all the goodies (supplies, paints, brushes, patterns, etc.). There is so much there to see so we took our time to take a looksee at everything. Of course, no trip to a convention would be complete without stopping by the Global Art Supply and Jansen Art booths. Again we spent time with Martha, David, Georgia, Blake, Paul and Cathy just chatting and laughing. And again we made fun of is just so easy to make fun of Paul. We do not mean any disrespect towards Paul, we just have a great time with him joking and laughing. Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be sitting down with Paul for some painting instructions on stroke roses and leaves. Hopefully, I won't look like a beginner.........ha.

After spending time at the show floor talking to everyone, we were off to our class. The class for the day was a beautiful Stroke Rose and Tulip pattern by Maureen McNaughton. We just love taking Maureen's classes as she is a great artist and a great instructor. This was my third with Maureen. We feel that we learn so much from her classes. Every time we take a class there is so much to obsorb (at least I think so) but we are certainly willing to give it a good try. As a beginner, we were a little hesitent and very concerned about taking a "BIG BRUSH" class, but have been pleasantly surprised with each class, as we have been able to hold our own during the class. Maureen and her assistances have made us feel so welcome and are always right there to provide help when needed. We have a great time during the class talking, laughing, learning and painting. Now don't get me wrong, there are times in the class that we get a little flustered but for some reason it does not seem to last long. We have purchased extra pieces of all the class materials we completed to work on when we get home. Who knows maybe we will buy some more wood at Unique to that is an idea.

We have to get started to pull ourselves together so have to run for now. We have scheduled class with Paul this morning and are really looking for to that time so we do not want to be late. Ohhhhh, here is something different. Jami Foxx was staying at our hotel yesterday as he was performing last night in Columbus. Of course, we did not see him but he was there. Take care and happy painting........................................

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hoot's a Hoot!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, it has been a long time since I posted anything to my blog but I have just been so busy with work and travel that I really have not done much with Decorative Painting. Well, here we go! Yesterday morning Mark and I got on the road for the long, and I do mean long, trip to Hoot (Ohio). We decided that we would drive verses flying so we could see some of the country. Anyway, it takes just as long to fly when you think about how early you have to get to the airport, go through security, wait for the plane, fly, land, get the rental car, etc. Get the picture. It takes time. Anyway, we arrived in Columbus around 12:30 pm and immediately decided to find theConvention Center (of course after lunch). We had a class scheduled for 1:00 pm but decided that we just did not have the time to get everything done and to the class in time for the beginning. Anyway, we have another class scheduled for Friday, so we will attend that one.

We decided to grab lunch and check into our hotel. We are staying at the Westin right down the street from the Convention Center. We threw our bags into the hotel, jumped into the car and off to the HOOT we drove. We finally found parking after taking what seemed to be the scenic tour of the city and headed for the center, not knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised. HOOT is a very well run show and is actually bigger than the SDP convention, at least I think it is. We started off just walking around the show floor looking at all the goodies. I bet we had not walked 50 feet (so it felt) when we ran right into Paul Seymour and Georgia at the Global Arts booth. Across from that booth was David Jansen (yes he was painting, like always). We stood there talking, laughing, talking some more, laughing some more, and then we made fun of Paul. I think that is requirement in attending these shows and working and knowing with the Heritage Team is giving Paul a hard time. Well, I think it is fun..........he is a great guy.

Today we are heading to the show to spend some money. I have my eye on some wood products and since we drove, I save money as I do not have to ship anything home. Therefore, I can spend some more...........ha. We have our class today at 1 pm with Maureen McNaughton, which I really am looking forward to attending. I have taken two previous classes with Maureen and had a great time. Those were my first BIG BRUSH classes. I will let you know how the class goes................................

Well, I have to run as it takes a lot to pull myself together. Will post more, with pictures, later. In the mean time, KEEP PAINTING.