Friday, August 14, 2009

Hoot's a Hoot!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, it has been a long time since I posted anything to my blog but I have just been so busy with work and travel that I really have not done much with Decorative Painting. Well, here we go! Yesterday morning Mark and I got on the road for the long, and I do mean long, trip to Hoot (Ohio). We decided that we would drive verses flying so we could see some of the country. Anyway, it takes just as long to fly when you think about how early you have to get to the airport, go through security, wait for the plane, fly, land, get the rental car, etc. Get the picture. It takes time. Anyway, we arrived in Columbus around 12:30 pm and immediately decided to find theConvention Center (of course after lunch). We had a class scheduled for 1:00 pm but decided that we just did not have the time to get everything done and to the class in time for the beginning. Anyway, we have another class scheduled for Friday, so we will attend that one.

We decided to grab lunch and check into our hotel. We are staying at the Westin right down the street from the Convention Center. We threw our bags into the hotel, jumped into the car and off to the HOOT we drove. We finally found parking after taking what seemed to be the scenic tour of the city and headed for the center, not knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised. HOOT is a very well run show and is actually bigger than the SDP convention, at least I think it is. We started off just walking around the show floor looking at all the goodies. I bet we had not walked 50 feet (so it felt) when we ran right into Paul Seymour and Georgia at the Global Arts booth. Across from that booth was David Jansen (yes he was painting, like always). We stood there talking, laughing, talking some more, laughing some more, and then we made fun of Paul. I think that is requirement in attending these shows and working and knowing with the Heritage Team is giving Paul a hard time. Well, I think it is fun..........he is a great guy.

Today we are heading to the show to spend some money. I have my eye on some wood products and since we drove, I save money as I do not have to ship anything home. Therefore, I can spend some more...........ha. We have our class today at 1 pm with Maureen McNaughton, which I really am looking forward to attending. I have taken two previous classes with Maureen and had a great time. Those were my first BIG BRUSH classes. I will let you know how the class goes................................

Well, I have to run as it takes a lot to pull myself together. Will post more, with pictures, later. In the mean time, KEEP PAINTING.

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