Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are off to Painter's Paradise for Classes!

Well tomorrow we have to get packed, load the vehicle, and get ready for an early departure Saturday morning as we are driving up to Painter's Paradise in Delaware for classes. I don't know if you are aware of Painter's Paradise (Jo) but I started placing orders with them I guess about 8 months ago. We were doing a search on the internet for paints, supplies and magazines and their link showed up in the results. We could not be happier with the service we have received from Painter's Paradise. I have been able to place orders one day and actually receive the merchandise the very next day. We would recommend their business to any one needing supplies, patterns, brushes, paints, etc. Now that we are finished with the advertisement.....ha. Let's move on. This weekend, at Painter's Paradise, Sandy Scales will be teaching some of Maureen McNaughton's techniques/patterns (pictures above). We have never taking a class from Sandy so we are really looking forward to the experience. We met Sandy originally in Peoria (SDP convention) where she assisted Maureen with her classes and then saw her in the classes at HOOT. So we kind of feel like we already know her. It should be fun and of course we are learning. We have adopted this new attitude to take as many classes and work on as many pieces as possible so that we can continue our learning. Well even though we have been registering and sitting in several classes already, we have now turned up the heat, so to speak. We registered for the Maureen McNaughton seminar to be held in February 2010 at the SDP Headquarters in Wichita. We already have our flights, car, and hotel booked. We are all ready to go!!!!!!!!!

Now what else do we have planned. Other than the SDP (plan to take Hazel Anthony's class next year) and HOOT conventions next year, we have to work into our schedule to get into one of David Jansen's classes. We, or maybe I should say I, just don't feel I know enough or have painted enough to sit in one of his classes. Maybe I am wrong but it is a confidence thing with me. I know I have a lot more confidence now than I had about 6 or 7 months ago. So that is a big goal on our list, to take on of his classes or more. We also need to get up to Pennsylvania to take a class with Paul and Cathy Seymour. Of course that will not occur until the Pennsylvania goes through its thaw (all kinds of snow during the winter months). We (again me) do not do well with snow or the cold. And, we have to get up to Canada to take a class with Georgia Dawbon. We have so many things on our plate right now, we do not know how we will accomplish everything. I guess only time will tell. It is probably a good thing that we work for a computer company as we can maintain a calendar of events.........................ha.

Anyway, we are looking forward to the classes this weekend. We will write and post pictures next week so you can see whether or not we made it through the class. Finally, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW HERITAGE PAINTS AND CLASSES. This is like Christmas..........will it ever get here? Yes............and really soon. Happy Painting. See you next week.

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