Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HOOT Comments and Pictures

Good morning to everyone. We returned from HOOT on Sunday a little tired from the 7 hour drive but still energized from what we had experienced. We had a great time painting with Paul and Cathy Seymour at the Global Arts booth on Saturday morning. I think we stayed long enough that Paul and Cathy just about threw us out of the booth. Nothing like over staying your welcome..........right Paul? Ha. We had a great class with Maureen McNaughton on Friday, which was actually more of an intermediate class but we hung in there and did fine. SEE!!!!! Even beginners should never be afraid to attempt something new!

I did make one big mistake though. In the past when I ran my own Ceramics business, I had booth space at many of the east coast conventions/shows and while there I took all kinds of photos. We were allowed to take pictures of the booths and the pieces. Which I did. Well at HOOT that is evidently a No, No. I did not realize that so on Thursday when we arrived, I am snapping pictures like crazy. No one said a word so I certainly did not think I was doing anything wrong. That night at the hotel, I was reading the HOOT program and there in big letters it said "ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOGRAPH TAKING IS ALLOWED" (probably not the exact words but I got the point). You better believe that I did not take the camera to the show floor on Friday or Saturday. All day Saturday the HOOT organization made announcements that photograph taking would not be allowed if if the offender did not stop, they would be escorting from the show floor. AND NO IT WAS NOT ME! I learn from my mistakes. Anyway, I did snap a view pictures on Thursday so for those that could not attend, see below:

Global Arts Booth - Cathy Seymour teaching
(A lot of people participated in the make it/take it classes)

Cathy teaching - Paul watching..............hmmmm.

Maureen McNaughton's class - I was there in this class!

Sally McAloon and Sandy Scales hard at work in Maureen McNaughton's class.

No pictures of the Jansen Art booth this time as David was painting and I did not want to disturb him with flashes. Not that David would probably mind but I try to be respectful of others at times. For those that could not make it to the convention, you really missed a nice, very well organized show. I have met many people that for some reason always seem to recognize me from the picture on my website (www.pamperedpalette.com). This has now happen to me in Peoria and in Columbus, how odd. Anyway, I have already booked my hotel room for next year's convention.

That is it for this time. Hopefully, we will see everyone next year!

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