Saturday, August 22, 2009


I know that I am not a real pro when it comes to decorative painting but I am really pleased with my progress so far. This week I came home from HOOT all energized and decided that I wanted to get with the program, so to speak, and paint more. So, I did one Maureen McNaughton piece this week, posted earlier, and today I did David's fusion blending technique from his website. I don't believe the piece looks bad at all for a beginner but I am not so arrogant to not realize that I still have loads to learn. I am just so pleased that I am able to do this much. Mark is working on the same piece so I will post a picture of his version later when completed.

This week in an effort to improve my little studio where I paint my projects, I went out and purchased another computer. I already had a Sony flat screen TV in my work area with a DVD player attached but I needed something that I could actually get to the internet to watch David's online training classes. Thus the purchase of the computer. The computer plugs directly into the TV so I use the TV as my monitor. Now I no longer need the DVD player as the computer plays DVDs and provides for internet self pace training classes. Paul get the hint?????? I am ready for the new online Heritage classes........ha. Anyway, it has been a very busy week for me when it comes to painting. Tomorrow I will go back to working on the David's Ompir Strawberry plaque (started that ages ago). I think it is time to get that one finished as well.

What do I scheduled for painting? Next weekend Mark and I will be traveling to Painter's Paradise in Delaware to take two days of classes from Sandy Scales. I will post some pictures and all the scoop for the classes. Until the next time I post, keep painting.

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