Monday, August 29, 2011

Sandy Scales Blue Folk Art Seminar

Well what do you do when they are calling for a hurricane in your area? Well we... got together and painted with Sandy Scales. Yes, thankfully the hurricane did not slam the Northern Virginia as we were expecting and when the weather forecasters indicated that we would only get some moderate rain and wind, we decided to go ahead with our Seminar. We had a fantastic time painting a beautiful Blue Folk Art pattern (unpublished) by Maureen McNaughton. This beautiful seminar piece took two solid days to complete and all of us were just a little bit tired when the seminar came to an end. That was a lot of painting in a two day period. Oh I forgot to mention that we did eat a little as we had homemade lazagna, Pampered Palette Slaw, brownies, apple/caramel/spice coffee cake, freshly baked Red Velvet cookies and a glass of Champagne. What a great weekend we had with Sandy. We would like to thank our friends from North Carolina that drove up for the seminar. A good time was had by all.

We wanted to share some seminar pictures with all.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mark Polomchak Is Coming to Pampered Palette!!!!!!

The picture above is an example of Mark's great art work. We are so lucky that he will be joining us
next year for a great seminar at our studio.


There never seems to be a dull moment at Pampered Palette as we continue to book OUTSTANDING seminars and we have just scheduled another one for next year. We do not have all the information yet, i.e., projects, costs, supplies, etc. but we can tell you that we have scheduled Mark Polomchak to be at our studio October 20 & 21, 2012 f...or a weekend of great watercolor painting.

Now how is that for a heads up? We are giving you a whole year (actually more than a year) to plan for the seminar. As soon as we have all of the lesson/class information finalized, we will post a message here on FB. Hopefully, everyone will want to join us and be pampered during a great weekend of painting with Mark.

You really do not want to miss this weekend. Stay tuned for additional information about Mark's seminar soon.

We will also post information about the seminar on our website so you can watch that site as well. Visit for information on the seminar and to reserve your seat (SOON!). STAY TUNED.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

HOOT was a HOOT for US!

Oh goodness what can we say about HOOT 2011. What a great show. I have read some comments about the show here on FaceBook so I thought I would give you my take on what was a very good show. Of course, we (Pampered Palette) was located on the exhibit floor and to make a point, the floor was not smaller this year. In fact, there were several new exhibitors in attendance that was not there over t...he past couple of years. It was great to see Stephs there and our good friends Elizabeth from SDP, Sandy Scales, Maureen McNaughton, Jo Lutness, Darla Foreman, Cindy Moser, Margaret Riley, Cynthia Coleman, Jillybean, Arlene Linton, Andy Jones, Judy Westegaard, and there are just so many, I know I have left out but really do not mean to.............please know that it was great seeing all of you.

We had such a great time as we were kept very busy over the days of the conference meeting new individuals, our Facebook friends, chatting, buying and of course selling. It really was a great show so those that were unable to attend, really did miss something special. The HOOT chapter members were truly a HOOT as they were always there to offer assistance or answer questions when it was needed.

Most of the time before the floor opened, we did a little shopping and ran around to all the booths/artists that painted pieces for the Museum's 100 Angels book getting the signatures of the artists. We did very well as we have over half of the signatures needed to complete my book of Angel artist signatures. Next stop is the New England Traditions (NET) show for signatures. We are flyng up for a day to attend the show (we will have have a booth at the show this year but will be advertising in their program).

There was a lot of BUZZ (had to use a HOOT term) around our booth as we featured Tatiana Sholokhova's Zhosotovo style paintings for all to enjoy. Tatiana was just at our studio two weeks ago teachng to beautiful Zhosotovo style pieces. We will be lucky enough to have Tatiana return next year (2012) to teach an absolutely stunning tray. We had many many people interested in her work and the seminar next year. We became a business sponsor of the National Museum of Decorative Arts and we brought back new wood, books and the 4 different Angels that will be added to our website for ordering.

I am sure I am forgetting a bunch of stuff, but I just wanted everyone to know that this was a great show (even though I have seen some posts that were negative about some parts of the show and SDP, which just are not true) with lots of painting, fun, chatting and of course eating by all those individuals in attendance. We have already reserved our booth space for next year's HOOT and the SDP and plan to be back even bigger and better with lots and lots of new items. Oh, do not tell anyone but we are even thinking of going to the Houston show with a booth (have to see how much driving is involved). We will probably fly out to Vegas to attend that show just to take some classes and shop the floor. In all it promises to be a great year of conferences. Stay tuned for more information or check out our website for conference information as we post it.

The conference ended around 2 pm yesterday and the race was on to pull down all the booths to get on the road home. We pulled everything down, packed and loaded the trailer in 2 hours 15 minutes (a record for us). So, we were on the road by 4:15 pm and pulled into our home around midnight (we tend to stop at all the rest areas for a little pitstop). Today it is unloading all the things from the trailer and restocking our shelves. Which reminds me, I have to place some orders as we sold out of a lot of items. Anyway, I tend to babble, it was a great show. Hopefully, those that could not attend will attend either HOOT, SDP, Houston, Vegas or NET next year. Deocrative painting is very much alive and well so why don't we all do our part to support the industry. Join SDP, visit your local decorative arts studio, encourage a non-painter to join you in painting.

Have a great and happy painting day.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tatiana Sholokhova 2012 3 Day Zhostovo Seminar

Get READY as we will have Tatiana Sholokhova back next year (2012) for another 3 day Zhostovo Seminar.  The July seminar that we just concluded with Tatiana was so well received and such a success that we have decided to move forward with the next seminar.  Next year Tatiana will teach a piece very seminar (but not exactly the same) as the one pictured above.  What a beautiful piece of art.  This piece will also be on display in our booths at the HOOT Convention/Conference this week (August 08-13).  So stop by our booth (123, 125 & 127) and check out this great piece of art.  Oh, also say hello and browse all the goodies that we are bringing with us to the show.  Dates have not be confirmed yet so please stay tuned for additional information as the terms are finalized.

Also, we are in negotiations with Tatiana to bring her Zhostovo Certification Program to Pampered Palette.  As soon as we have additional information about the certification program, we will let everyone know.  Great news will be coming from Pampered Palette and Tatiana so stay tuned.