Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Very Nice Comments About Pampered Palette

We would like to thank the following individuals for their kind comments and recommendations on our Pampered Palette. These comments mean so much to us and are truly appreciated.

Lynnette Horn
Here's a small business really working hard t...o promote decorative arts. Please like ther page.

Linda Haskett Starr Felder
this is awesome!!!!!

William Buzz Smith
Pampered Palette Studio is like the rebirth of the Decorative Painters Studios of the past. David has worked hard and has recreated the atmosphere of the Industry that has somewhat been lost recently. I congratulate David and intend to promote his efforts both at his studio and his involvement in the SDP.

Cathy Lee
Please "LIKE" this page

Matthew Clagg
Pampered Palette, owned and operated by David Vernon, is committed to excellence in sharing the excellence of decorative painting with the world. Take a look!

Craines Cutouts
This is the greatest place. Always friendly, respectful and honest.

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Again, thank you for your kind comments.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pampered Open House February 12, 2012

Pampered Palette Open House

February 12, 2012

We have a confirmed date now for our Open House. Here are the details so far. The Open House will be to launch all of our new products lines that we have added to our studio including DecoArt Americana, DecoArt Traditions, JoSonja Acrylics, Maureen McNaughton Products, Scharff Quality Brushes, new surfaces, new supplies and new books by Lois Mueller and Michele Walton. These products are new to our studio. We would like to invite everyone to come on out to our studio and see all the changes.

Our doors will open at 9 am Sunday February 12th. We will have two FREE classes for those attending. The first class will begin at 10 am with special guest artist Carolyn Spencer and the second class will begin around 1 pm with special guest artist Sandy Scales. All attendees planning to paint during the class should bring all of their normal painting supplies including brushes, paper towels, brush basins, etc. (Note: Paints will be furnish for the classes) We will provide additional information about the classes soon.

Since we will be celebrating/launching all of our new products, we will have door prizes, discounts on certain products, food, drink, painting and fun.

Door Prize #1 - One person will win a seat to Scottie Foster's June 9 & 10, 2012 Bavarian Doves & Flowers Tray seminar at Pampered Palette. (Note: Winner will need to purchase the surface for the seminar but the seminar itself will be free).

Door Prize #2 - One person will win a copy of the National Museum of Decorative Painting book "100 Angels".

Door Prize #3 - One person will win a 5 piece wood surface package valued at $70.00.

Door Prize #4 - One person will win a Pampered Palette Twill Long Sleeve shirt (Red with Pampered Palette embroidered in Black)

Come on out for a day of Fun, Food, Friendship and Painting. Watch this space for additional information or send an email message to david@pamperedpalette.com

Also, visit our website and online store for information or to order all your decorative painting supplies at http://www.pamperedpalette.com/

Monday, January 9, 2012

Building a Stronger SDP - Promoting Decorative Painting

You know, here we are in 2012 already, can you believe that? In a few months we will start all of the conferences for the year. Actually, they begin next month with the Vegas Show, then SDP, Houston, HOOT and NET. What a great year. Are ...you going to any of the Shows?

We, mainly myself, have a very busy year planned. I am running for the SDP Board Member at Large, will be attending the SDP, Houston and HOOT shows as a business exhibitor. I wish that I could attend them all but it just is not possible but maybe one day I could. All of this babble brings me to my point.

I operate with a different business philosophy. I am a firm believer in promoting and marketing decorative painting so I do a lot of marketing. In order for us to grow our industry I feel that it is critical that we market our art forms to any individual that we can get ourselves in front of for a presentation, demonstration or just a chat. You may have noticed that I use a lot of the social networks to reach out to anyone that will listen about the joys of decorative painting. I do not really care what craft, paint brands, media, brush types, art forms, sex, location, etc., I will always engage individuals in some form of discussion about decorative painting. It is true that I have a decorative painting studio but I do a lot of my marketind, outreach and yes even some seminars/workshops without charging a fee. I operate the DAC artists social network which is FREE to all it's members. I am teaching at two chapters this year at no charge to them for paints, travel, lodging, instruction, etc. I operated the World of Color for the last two years FREE to all of the attendees and I plan to continue and grow that event (need to find some time). I am not telling anyone this to receive any kudos or pats on the back. I do this because I want to and I feel that in order to grow our industry I need to give of myself and reach as many individuals as possible.

I take a firm stand on being inclusive of all art forms, all products, all brushes, all people and strong customer service. That is why I am running for the SDP Board Member at Large. I feel we need and deserve a better, bigger, and stronger SDP organization. An organization that listens to it's membership and is responsive to member needs. You as a member or a new member (yet to join) can make a difference. SDP is your organization so as an organization they need your support and input in order to build that bigger, stronger and responsive organization that is responsive to their communities and members. You as members can make that difference. I do not care what individual that you may cast a vote - JUST VOTE.

You know, I meet and speak to a lot of people and from listening to their comments it is clear they want change in their organization. So, it is truly important for all of us to join together and work towards building that organization. It is so important to me and I hope to you that our art form continues to grow. I reach out to all of my FaceBook friends, SDP members, potential members, painters, crafts men and women to support me and SDP. Working together we can make change and build a Stronger/Better/Bigger organization.

I, myself, am always available for anyone that would like to chat, just call me, drop me a line here on FaceBook or shoot me an email. Tell me what you want to see from a Strong SDP. If I receive a message from any individual, I can assure you that I will respond.

Okay, I will get of my soapbox now. It is just I am very passoniate about decorative painting and our future as an industry.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year - Expect Big Things From Pampered Palette In 2012

Last year (2011) was our BIGGEST year so far. We have grown by leaps and bounds. What will 2012 hold for us and the decorative art community?

Well this morning we announced another great seminar for Pampered Palette for the 2012 seminar season. We are hosting Michele Walton in October (13 & 14).

I do not know if many of you have noticed but we are always full of surprises. So here is another fantastic seminar added to our list. My gosh what can I say. Just since November 2011 removed one product line and added DecoArt Americana, DecoArt Traditions, JoSonja paint lines, Maureen McNaughton's complete product line, JW Varnish product line, Scharff Quality Brush line, new books, new patterns, new surfaces, new seminars and there is more to come. These new products were added after 3 years of requests coming from our customers.  We are a studio for the decorative painting community and our customers so we are here for you not a particular product line.

Wait until you see us at the SDP Conference. We will be full of surprises there. Are you attending the SDP Conference? Be sure to stop by our booths there will be lots going on there with, of course, surprises. We are just busting at our seams with news but we cannot tell you guys everything at one time. Watch these pages and our website for all the latest news and more surprises.


Visit http://www.pamperedpalette.com/ for all the latest products, supplies, books, patterns, DVDs, etc.