Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Very Nice Comments About Pampered Palette

We would like to thank the following individuals for their kind comments and recommendations on our Pampered Palette. These comments mean so much to us and are truly appreciated.

Lynnette Horn
Here's a small business really working hard t...o promote decorative arts. Please like ther page.

Linda Haskett Starr Felder
this is awesome!!!!!

William Buzz Smith
Pampered Palette Studio is like the rebirth of the Decorative Painters Studios of the past. David has worked hard and has recreated the atmosphere of the Industry that has somewhat been lost recently. I congratulate David and intend to promote his efforts both at his studio and his involvement in the SDP.

Cathy Lee
Please "LIKE" this page

Matthew Clagg
Pampered Palette, owned and operated by David Vernon, is committed to excellence in sharing the excellence of decorative painting with the world. Take a look!

Craines Cutouts
This is the greatest place. Always friendly, respectful and honest.

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Again, thank you for your kind comments.


  1. Wish I lived closer. Would love to attend your classes and got to your shop in person. Love the inventory. Not many shops around central Utah.
    Donette Robertson

  2. Hi Donette. You can follow us on Facebook, here on our blog and of course our website at http://www.pamperedpalette.com

    Who knows, we may be in Utah one day teaching a class at one of the local chapters and you will be able to attend. Just this month we taught classes at a chapter in Pennsylvania and one in Florida.