Friday, February 3, 2012


Pampered Palette Open House
February 12, 2012

Do not forget about our two (2) additional door prizes for our Open House. We are about 1 1/2 weeks away for the BIG day.

The first new door prize is an original painting by Betty Caithness (c) 1997. It is an octagonal mirror frame titled "New England Cove. It measures 13" x 13" and is pictured here. We would like to thank Betty for her generosity in providing this great contribution to Open House.

The next new door prize comes to us from Mark Greynolds of Pampered Palette listed below:

An Apple - iPod Touch, 8GB MP3 player. It is the 4th generation from Apple and is their latest model. The iPod is white. We would like to thank Mark for his generosity in providing this great item for our Open House.

Get ready for our 2012 Open House - February 12, 2012 is the date. The Open House will be to launch all of our new products lines that we have added to our studio including DecoArt Americana, DecoArt Traditions, JoSonja Acrylics, Maureen McNaughton Products, Scharff Quality Brushes, new surfaces, new supplies and new books by Lois Mueller and Michele Walton. These products are new to our studio. We would like to invite everyone to come on out to our studio and see all the changes.

Our doors will open at 9 am Sunday February 12th. We will have two FREE classes for those attending. The first class will begin at 10 am with special guest artist Carolyn Spencer and the second class will begin around 1 pm with special guest artist Sandy Scales. All attendees planning to paint during the class should bring all of their normal painting supplies including brushes, paper towels, brush basins, etc. (Note: Paints and prepped surfaces will be furnish for the classes).

Since we will be celebrating/launching all of our new products, we will have door prizes, discounts on certain products, food, drink, painting and fun.

Grand Door Prize - Original painting by Betty Caithness (c) 1997 title "New England Cove

Door Prize #1 - One person will win a seat to Scottie Foster's June 9 & 10, 2012 Bavarian Doves & Flowers Tray seminar at Pampered Palette. (Note: Winner will need to purchase the surface for the seminar but the seminar itself will be free).

Door Prize #2 - Apple - iPod Touch 8GB MP3 Player- white (4th Generation-latest model).

Door Prize #3 - One person will win a copy of the National Museum of Decorative Painting book "100 Angels".

Door Prize #4 - One person will win a 5 piece wood surface package valued at $70.00.

Door Prize #5 - One person will win a Pampered Palette Twill Long Sleeve shirt (Red with Pampered Palette embroidered in Black)
We have GREAT door prizes, outstanding make and takes with Sandy and Carolyn, great food, great friendship, lots of fun, new products, and PAINTING. Come on out and join us. You do not want to miss the fun and excitment.

For additional information send an email message to

Visit our website and online store for information on all of products and to order your decorative painting supplies at


  1. Hi David,

    Nice to meet (virtually!).

    It is good to find another decorative artist/blogger out there. After much time scouring the internet, there are very few dec. artists blogs that are current and fresh.

    They're all too busy painting I guess - which is a good thing.

    Anyway, I just thought that I would introduce myself, and let you know that it was such a pleasure to find your blog, and see that you are actively involved in it.

    I am a decorative painter (although I prefer to call myself a 'folk painter' as I am more drawn to the strokework, more traditionally based styles.
    Jo Sonja has to be my all time favourite, and where I have taken the most inspiration from. If I could be another artist, it would be her.

    I was a teacher/author many years ago (I wrote 3 books, the Over the Garden Wall series, published by Viking, and taught throughout Australia, where I live).
    Unfortunately, things happened, including my only son dying some years ago, and painting took a distant back seat.

    Anyway, my passion is re-stirring.
    I have just started my own blog again, (as of a few days ago), and am now browsing the internet for like minded people.
    I live in a country town and don't have any other painters around, really. So this is my contact with the painting world.

    Nice to virtually meet you, and Ill now continue to look through your blog.


    1. Fiona,

      I am so sorry that I did not see your comment before today. Welcome to our blog. I would like to let you know about a decorative painting social network that we operate and it is free to all members. Go to

      Again, welcome.

  2. Hope that your open house went well. Love what you are doing to promote decorative painting!