Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tatiana Sholokhova Seminar Day One

WOW am I tired. Yesterday was a lot of work or would that be a lot of concentra...tion. Learning the Zhostovo style of painting with Tatiana. What a great day. This is probably the first seminar I have attended that everyone was so quiet because they were concentrating on their painting. Beautiful pieces were painted. We started the seminar with a tulip pattern painted on a metal surface. Today we move on to the Rooster box. We did speak (so we were not totally, we laughed and we ate. It was just a great day of painting and learning.

What is on the agenda for today? HOMEMADE Lazagna, bread, brownies, crum cake (all homemade) and Champagne. We always like to give our attendees a little treat so we will have Champagne during lunch. Looking forward to another great day.

Also, stay tuned as Tatiana Sholokhova will be coming back to Pampered Palette for another seminar next year. We have selected two great pieces that we will post pictures of later but I can tell you that one is a fruit pattern on an metal surface and the other is LARGE metal tray with a beautiful fruit, floral and bird pattern. Absolutely, stunning. More information coming on this seminar later.

I will also post more pictures from today's seminar tomorrow morning.  Pictures below are from Day One Seminar with Tatiana.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well we are really busy with lots of things happening.  Our real jobs have kept us extremely busy with travel around the country and many many presentations.  In the past two weeks, I have taught two Fusion Blending classes here at our studio, attended the NCC Luncheon and am getting ready for Tatiana's seminar next week.  The NCC Luncheon was very nice as we sat with our friends at the Sandy Scales table.  Sandy had decorated the table with some very beautiful painted pieces.  Carolyn Spencer, also at the table with us, won the centerpiece which was a watering can painted by Sandy Scales with a great Maureen McNaughton pattern.  We had a great time and participated in the silent auction and we WON!  We received a great piece that I placed a bid painted by (again) Sandy Scales.  I have now added that piece too our collection.

So what is next on the agenda for Pampered Palette.  First we have Tatiana Sholokhova here next week for her Zhostovo seminar.  We cannot wait for that.  Then we will be packing furiously, loading the trailer and off to HOOT we go.  Our booths this year will be 123, 125 and 127.  We will be taking a lot of goodies and plan to have several surprises for our HOOT customers.  Be sure to come out and see us.  The picture above is of our new rug that we are having made that will be displayed in the center of the booths.  We cannot wait for HOOT as we always have a great time there.  COME ON OUT AND SEE US!!!

In August other than HOOT we have Sandy Scales at our studio for another great seminar.  The piece that Sandy will be teaching a fantastic unpublished pattern from Maureen McNaughton.  The piece will be painted on a 16 inch surface.  A really nice surface and finished piece.  In September we will be off to the Land of the Vikings where we will take a 3 day seminar with Lois Mueller.  We have Lois coming to our studio in 2012 for a seminar but decided to make the trip to Pennsylvania for this seminar.  We look forward to painting with Lois.  She is truly a gifted artist.  Next comes our 3 day technique seminar with David Jansen.  David will provide lessons on a landscape and two florals.  This will definitely be a great seminar. 

November rolls around and we will have our second annual "World of Color" event in Virginia with special guest artist David Jansen.  The "World of Color" will be held November 5 & 6, 2011 at the Westin Tysons Corner.  We will end November by attending the Maureen McNaughton seminar in Annapolis Maryland on November 19 & 20.  Maureen will be in Annapolis all week with classes but we will only be attending the weekend sessions.  We are expecting to have a great time.

After all of the great events, we expect to take a little rest.  We have had an exciting, fun, very busy and sometimes frustrating year.  In all a great year so far.  Next year will be just as busy with many great seminars planned, new painting surfaces and lots of fun.  Join us.

Be sure to come see us at HOOT.