Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tatiana Sholokhova Seminar Day One

WOW am I tired. Yesterday was a lot of work or would that be a lot of concentra...tion. Learning the Zhostovo style of painting with Tatiana. What a great day. This is probably the first seminar I have attended that everyone was so quiet because they were concentrating on their painting. Beautiful pieces were painted. We started the seminar with a tulip pattern painted on a metal surface. Today we move on to the Rooster box. We did speak (so we were not totally, we laughed and we ate. It was just a great day of painting and learning.

What is on the agenda for today? HOMEMADE Lazagna, bread, brownies, crum cake (all homemade) and Champagne. We always like to give our attendees a little treat so we will have Champagne during lunch. Looking forward to another great day.

Also, stay tuned as Tatiana Sholokhova will be coming back to Pampered Palette for another seminar next year. We have selected two great pieces that we will post pictures of later but I can tell you that one is a fruit pattern on an metal surface and the other is LARGE metal tray with a beautiful fruit, floral and bird pattern. Absolutely, stunning. More information coming on this seminar later.

I will also post more pictures from today's seminar tomorrow morning.  Pictures below are from Day One Seminar with Tatiana.  Enjoy!

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