Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Finally Stopped - Waiting For Spring

Well the snow finally stopped and I could not have been happy that it did. You see, I am not a cold weather type of person. I much prefer the warm or hot weather but have always lived in the DC area so here I sit, still. I spent yesterday working on my computer (order more supplies), baking bread, and I actually painted. I am working on four (4) pieces currently at the same time. Two of the pieces are from the Heritage Educational Program and the other two pieces are of my pattern packet that I will be releasing (using the Heritage paints and Fusion brushes). You may ask how I can work on four pieces at the same time. Well, I work a little on one piece and the switch to the next when I want to do something else. While I am painting the pieces used in the photos for my pattern packet, I paint a little, document, and then I take photos of the progress of the piece. I am hoping to get some of the pieces completed today (Sunday) as I need to move on to the next pieces. There just does not seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done that I would like to accomplish. Well, I should have plenty of time now because of the snow because I will not leave the house until it

I bet you are wondering about the pictures posted above? Well, those are more of my shameless marketing of the David Jansen Empire, just kidding David. The pictures are actually oversized postcards that I had printed to promote David's new DVD (4011). I scanned them into my computer so I could post the pictures. That is why the card with the shelf is sideways. You actually look at that l card lengthwise (top to bottom) not left to right. I think the cards turned out very sharp. I now have tons or so it seems of marketing material. I think I am all ready for the trade shows or local association meetings.

It has been really busy here this week. Not only have I been fighting with FEDEX for losing a box of wood/metal surfaces, which they have never found, I have had multiple boxes arriving each day. I am getting my shelves stocked and ready for the new year. Need a new brush? Well I now stock the complete Global Art brush line, along with almost all of David Jansen's pattern packets, new wood, new metal/tin, and artist supplies. I could probably outfit a complete college art With all of those items arriving, that meant I needed to spend lots of time of time on the computer updating inventory and the online store. Hey, check it out. To bypass the website and go directly to the store to view everything new, navigate to I am just stunned at all the new things we have added and guess what? There is more on the way. Take a look. I think you will be surprised.

Well, I guess I should get my act together as I have lots to do. Today we are putting together additional shelving to hold all the new items and I want to paint. I cannot get things done if I continue to sit here typing on the computer. So, I am off to paint and work. Until the next post, Happy Painting.

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