Tuesday, December 15, 2009

David Wins Big!!!!!

We have had a lot happening here at Pampered Palette (and our house) this past week. The weekend we had contractors in hanging sheetrock in the only unfinished space in the house. That space is where I usually paint as I have it set up as my painting studio. Well, next year we will move into teaching classes from here so I am having that area of the house finished. Not only the walls but we are having additional lighting and we plan to hang monitors (at least 42") from the ceiling to assist students with viewing demonstrations. So, there is a lot of work going on at the moment.

Now I am sure everyone is wondering about the above picture? Well, the Potomac View Decorative Artists were having a raffle as part of the year end Christmas party to raise funds. Well, I bought some tickets to support the organization and received an email Saturday evening from the organization's President letting me know that I had won the piece. It is a seasons trunk and the front panel can be changed as the seasons change. I have five panels to choose from and each panel was painted by a member of the organization. Now how lucky was that? A very pleasant surprise.

The rest of the week as not been that great as I am dealing with a lost shipment of metalware that has been misplaced by FEDEX (a 34lb. box). It is kind of funny, as their website tracking says the box has been delivered but I do not know where they left it because they certainly did not leave it at our shop. So, I am waiting for FEDEX to try and determine where they have left the box and hopefully I will get it delivered some time this week. I have two additional shipments coming this week and they are both being delivered by FEDEX. Now ask me if I am concerned whether or not they will show up? We will see.

Even with all the excitement of winning the trunk and the disappointment of FEDEX losing my shipment, I have been upbeat enough to paint. I did a little bit on 4 of the pieces that I am painting. I am hoping to get one of them completed today. I guess we will she how things go today. If I get one of the pieces completed, I will definitely post pictures. Until then, Happy Painting.

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