Monday, December 7, 2009

Sandy Scales Seminar this Past Weekend

This past weekend Mark and I traveled to Painter's Paradise in Delaware to attend the Sandy Scales seminar. Sandy provides seminars using Maureen McNaughton's patterns. We had an absolutely great time even though the first day we had to deal with rain and snow while traveling. The first day of seminar there was about 24 people in the class as we worked on the rose plaque pictured above. I did not get my piece finished but really made some great progress towards its completion. I found the design fun, somewhat easy, but a little time consuming. I guess that is why I did not get the project finished but it gives me something to do at home along with all the other projects I am painting. The second day was the round metal plate pictured above. That particular pattern I had selected and suggested for the seminar (surprised they picked Now that complete piece is totally painted using flat brushes and one little tiny philbert brush (#4). That was just a little challenging but fun and believe it or not, I almost completed that piece (the pattern portion). I now can add that piece to my project list as well. Mark and I are currently scheduled to go back to another Sandy Scales seminar the second week of January and the second week of February. The end of February we will be attending the Maureen McNaughton seminar at SDP headquarters in Wichita. Three days of painting with Maureen...............I bet it will be cold there..........
Since I am not on travel this week, I plan to do a little painting. I have to get back on all my projects and get some of them completed. Anyway, I just thought I would share this with everyone. I have to run so until the next post, HAPPY PAINTING>

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