Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shirts Arrive - Very Busy Getting Ready For Next Year!

Again this week has been very busy as we have consistently received supply orders from all over the country. It has been daily that we have had FEDEX and UPS delivering boxes at our place so that has really kept me very busy. With all the boxes comes things like setting up new storage shelving, which we did, entering all the items into the computer (my job), pricing the items, updating the online store and the list just seems to go on. In between unpacking all the boxes, I did a little painting this week. I worked some more on my pattern that I will be releasing after the first of year, painted two Heritage lessons, started a third lesson and when I was painting, I was chatting on Skype with someone from the Heritage team. In all a very busy but exciting week.

Most of you guys know that Mark and I will be having a Pampered Palette booth at the SDP convention next year. Well we ordered shirts for the booth which was delivered this week as well. The pictures above are of Mark modeling one of the new shirts and a close up of the left pocket area. I think they turned out great. Now just in case someone could not figure it out from all the pictures I have posted, our booth colors will be a combination of Red, Black and White. The shirts and table cover will be red and black while all the signage will be red and white. We are really trying to have a very consistent look throughout the booth. We still have not figured out what we will display in the booth but at the moment it looks like we have have items from the Global Art and Jansen Art. We know for sure the Heritage paints will be in the booth and probably Jansen patterns, brushes, books, etc. Anyway, we are still working on the contents of the booth. Right now we are pleased that we have settled on the look and feel.

Now if you have not visited the Pampered Palette website or the online store in a while, stop by, and take a look at all the changes. We have made some major changes to both the website and the store. Visit and Lots of changes and lots of items added to both sites.

Well it is Christmas Eve and we have lots of things to do before tomorrow. We will actually be having Christmas dinner with my daughter and grandson so have to finish all my items wrapped today. So, I guess I best get off the computer and get with it. Until the next post, Happy Painting.

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  1. Merry Christmas David and Mark! Mark you are a very handsome model! Can't figure out if you make the shirt or it makes you.... I can't wait to see you both at National.