Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Table Cover Received

You know, there are days I feel like I just do not have enough hands to get everything done. I painted a little last even but I am receiving so many items for the online store that it requires me to lay down my brushes and do some data entry. I have been receiving brushes, paints, patterns, wood surfaces, tinware, and supplies. So, I have to enter each item into the inventory system then enter it into my online store so customers can view the information and hopefully order. All of this computer stuff can get a little overwhelming at times but so far I have able to keep up with all the data entry.
Today was a very good day as I received an order from Jansen Art Studio and I received my table cover that we will be using next year at the SDP convention. I think the cover looks great. Mark and I will have a booth at the convention so we had the above table cover made which will make our booth look more professional. We plan to have the Heritage Acrylics in the booth for display and sale along with some other goodies. All of that (booth displays/products) is in the planning stages. It is going to be really exciting as I have not had a booth at a convention in about 10-15 years. The last time I had a booth was when I ran my ceramics business. So, this could be really fun.
Anyway, lots of things going on here at Pampered Palette. I have another order of tinware arriving tomorrow and then I think I will sit down to paint a little. So, I should probably stop gabbing and get back to work. Until the next post, Happy Painting.

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