Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Trip to the Jansen Art Studio

Just a short note to update everyone on what has been happening here at Pampered Palette. Well, this past weekend Mark and I drove up to David Jansen's (Jansen Art Studio) to pick up the new Heritage Acrylics (supplies for the online store) and other supplies. I guess we spent about 3 hours there at the Jansens talking, laughing, looking at paintings and taking pictures. I the above pictures we took with an iPhone which really turned out great. The first picture is David J and myself displaying the new Heritage 12 color set and we brought back a bunch of those to stock our shelves. The next picture is of me standing next to David's door that he just finished painting. I was stunned at how big the door actually is and how stunning it is in person. Thus the purpose of the picture. Everyone can get an idea how big the door is with me standing right next to it (or does it show just how big I am........hmmmm). The final picture is of Mark, David J and myself standing in David and Martha's new studio which is under construction. We we returned home, we realized that Martha is not in any of the pictures. In fact, she took most of the pictures. How could we have let that happen. Martha the next trip up we need to make sure you are in all the pictures.
Anyway, this week I am in Las Vegas and get home on Sunday. NO TRAVEL SCHEDULED AFTER THIS TRIP. And you know what that means? I will have more time to paint. I used the plane trip to read the Heritage Educational Manual as I will be offering classes after the first of the year. I actually loaded the complete manual on my Sony eBook reader and was able to read through the manual while flying. The only thin I could not do was paint. It was perfect. I will post more when I return to the DC area. Until then, Happy Painting.

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