Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Very Busy Week in Virginia

Wow! What a busy week here in Virginia. I am currently painting four different pieces. The above piece is my adaptation of David's Ompir strawberry plaque. The picture is actually the lid of a wicker basket. I have decided to not put anything around the edges of this piece so last night I went ahead and varnished the lid. I still have to finish the basket part and hopefully that will be done soon. Believe it or not, I am actually going to do this piece one more time. Of course, that will not occur until after the first of the year. There will be three weeks in November that I will be on business travel, so it is a little hard to paint when traveling. I am still working on the Coffee Pot, the Fruit Tray, and I started a new piece. Another strawberry plaque but this one is from Disc 3 of David's Ompir DVD set. So far I have basecoated the plaque, the strawberries and have antiqued the complete piece. Now I am ready to move to the next steps.
The week also brought some changes with Pampered Palette. I worked on the online store adding new products, updated the FaceBook page (currently have about 585 people connected on FaceBook), of course, I updated my blog. So there seemed to be a lot of typing this week. I have received a lot of comments from the FaceBook page. Comments concerning classes, about the pieces that I am painting (post pictures on FaceBook) and about promoting decorative painting. Seems some of the people stopped painting years ago and they are feeling inspired (by me?) to pick up the brushes again. Now isn't that Along with all the work, I had some excitement as well. I started receiving the promotional materials that I ordered including some mouse pads, new business cards, and vinyl booth banners. All of the items have the picture of the Heritage Acrylics and look absolutely great, if I must say so myself.
Well today will be no different than the rest of the week. I will be working in my store room installing some new shelving. I have to be ready when everything starts to show up (hint......paint). I hear we should be seeing the paint soon so am getting ready. As I am just about typed out for the week, I think I best get off this computer. Until next time, Happy Painting..........

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