Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It is never a dull moment here at my place. I am almost finished with my strawberry basket. Well at least the lid has been completed and the basket is base coated. I am still working on the blue coffee, the Ompir Fruit Tray and the Ompir Strawberry Plaque (Disc 3) but now I have another piece to start. Above are the pictures of the new Domed Trunk that I just received yesterday from Hall's Woodcrafts. It was delivered all crated in a wooden box. What a sight to see, me lugging this box to the garage. Anyway, my initial thought is to paint the Ompire Fruit Tray pattern on the top and maybe the front. The pattern is certainly big enough and I think would look super on the piece. I think this piece will take a lot of paint to basecoat it........lol. YA!! THINK!! I took the pictures under a 6 foot long table just so everyone could get an idea of its size. This trunk is fairly large and will take a little bit of time to complete. I guess the hardest part or better said the most time consuming part will be the basecoating. That is a lot of territory to cover with a basecoat. Going back to my ceramic days, this would be a perfect piece for airbrushing. Hey, has anyone ever tried to airbrush pieces? I was told it would not work but if anyone has succeeded in airbrushing a piece and it worked, then please drop me a line. Have to get back to painting, I just wanted to share this piece with everyone. Until next time.....Happy Painting.......
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