Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Strawberry Plaque Completed

Well, this Tuesday I have to get on an airplane for Pasadena so this will probably be the last piece completed for at least a couple of weeks. As this week I am in Pasadena, the following week I am in San Antonio and then the third week I will be in Las Vegas. I guees painting during that time is a little out of the question. Therefore, I am been trying to get some pieces finished or at least to the point they are almost finished. The above piece I completed this morning with the final antiquing and the varnishing. I am actually pleased with how it turned out. As usual the strawberries look pretty good. I joke with Georgia that I will be known worldwide for my I seem to do a lot of strawberries. Anyway, I heard yesterday that the new Heritage paints will be here by next week, which is really exciting. This week again I spent a lot of time, when I was not painting, stocking my shelves with new items like patterns, books, brushes, and wood surfaces. I also received what seems to be tons of marketing materials for the new paints so I had to get all of that put away or as they say on the airplanes, stowed. So I guess you get the point that setting up a business takes a little bit of time. sounded so easy when I watched Paul and Cathy's DVD on how to start a business. I guess I missed the part about how much time it

So, what is next? Other than working on my accounting system today a little, I have started the Dewey Roses piece. At the moment I only have the piece basecoated so will need to transfer the rose pattern and then basecoat that in white per David's instructions. Let's see if the roses look like strawberries when I get Anyway, have to run as time is just ticking away. I have to get a lot of things completed or done before I leave for Pasadena. Until the time time, Happy Painting.

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