Sunday, October 18, 2009

Working On My Fruit Tray

What an interesting week. I spent a lot of time working on my business, trying to get everything in order so when the paints arrive I will be ready to go. I have worked on marketing my website by running advertisements in the NCC of SDP and Shenandoah Valley Decorative Painters newsletters, as well as building a web presence on FaceBook and Twitter. All of this typing and updating of the different sites certainly will keep me busy.
Because of travel for work and getting all of the busy stuff in order, I have had very little time to sit down and paint. Yesterday I made it a priority working on my fruit tray pictured above. I did not get much done but I did work on it. Today I have to apply the all purpose sealer so that I can start working with a little color as all of the white base coating has finally been completed. You may notice a little difference in the pictures that I have posted. They appear to be a little sharper and they are missing the glare. I purchased a new professional camera and a photo tent. The camera I am just learning all the little clicks needed to make a decent photo shot, so hopefully you will patient with me while the learning takes place. I have not used the photo tent yet but will give that a try in soon. The tent is suppose to eliminate the flash glare on your pieces and provide you a more professional photo for posting. We will see about that as I am sure I can screw that up as
Anyway, I cannot stay on the computer this morning as I need to paint. That is my priority for today - sit down and paint. So, until next time, Happy Painting.

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  1. wow your painting is wonderful....such natural talent...will keep watching for more projects