Monday, October 26, 2009

Silver to Blue - How About You?

I am just so excited. Above is a banner 4'x2.5' that I created this morning on the net (ordered it to) for use at upcoming shows. I did not even have to leave the house.

Well here we go again. Currently, I have three projects that I am working and trying to complete. I am working on my fruit tray, a wicker basket with the Ompir Strawberry and Daisy pattern on it and now I am working on the coffec pot. What I am doing other than spending a lot of time on eBay buying coffee pots is applying a very nice pattern by Rosemary West on this piece but using Traditions paints verses what the pattern calls. I would be using the new Heritage Multi-Media but as we all know, only HAZEL has those right Hi Hazel.

Anyway, I am now working all the pieces and really need to get my butt in order so that I can get some of the completed. November looks bad as I will be on business travel the first three weeks of the month. It is kind of hard to drag everything with you to paint especially when some of the pieces are so large but I know eventually I will get them done. Well, I have to as I have purchased 5 coffee I guess I got a little carried away but you just could not beat the prices........ha. So this week I have to get my website updated to include this project.

Many of you know that I have a presence on FaceBook and as of this morning I have 361 people (friends) connected to my site. I have been posting video clips from Veronique and now I am posting my own projects with very good feedback/comments. In fact, I posted this blue coffee pot last night and already have 12 people that have made comments. I think I might be on to something here, a way to reach out to others and share decorative painting. Anyway, all these postings and the new online store (getting everything set up) is certainly keeping me busy. That is another reason why it is taking me so long to finish my projects. Oh well, hopefully soon I will at least complete one of them.

Have to run............exercises are waiting for me...........until the next post, Happy Painting..........

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  1. Look forward to seeing what you are painting on your coffee pot David.

    I'm sure the new Heritage Multimedia paint will be waiting for you when you get back from your business trip - hang in there - well worth the wait!