Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The above piece is the second project we completed in Sandy Scales class this past weekend.................

The leaf window hanger above is the first project we completed in Sandy Scales class.

This project is from David Jansen's DVD 4007 (Ompir)

Well, above are the pictures that I promised to post. The first two pictures are from the Sandy Scales class that we participate in this past weekend at Painter's Paradise. I don't think they are bad at all. In fact, I am very pleased. I can see progress from the very first piece that I painted about 7 months ago. I am really pleased with the line work. I kind of think that I am getting the hang of the liner brushes. I thought is weekend's classes/projects were great. I had a really good time even though I found some of the class a little hectic. As I have said before, I do not paint as fast as the really experienced painters in the class so I get just a little flustered trying to keep up but I think that will change over time. I am so pleased with Sandy's class that I signed up her classes that will be held in December at Painter's Paradise.

Now the third piece (the strawberry plaque) was a real challenge for me. I started this piece approximately 6 months ago when I was a true beginner. I think I knew what a brush was and that was about it. Anyway, the piece is somewhat advanced (for me it was) which kind of pushed me to step outside my comfort zone. I did this piece watching David Jansen's Ompir DVD 4007. You don't know how many times I stopped that DVD and restarted to get parts of the project finished. Again with this piece I am not dissatisfied at all. I think I did a good job, especially my strawberries. I made some mistakes, I know. There are parts that I do not like that I feel I could do a better job, but I finished it. I FINISHED IT AND IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE CRAP (well to me it doesn't). Now what I plan to do is paint the project again on a new piece. It was a learning experience for me so when I finished the next painting I will be able to compare the two.

My very next piece is an Ompir Fruit Tray off of the same David Jansen DVD set. The plaque is like 11" x 14" which is a fairly big piece for me. This project will be another challenge for me so if you hear anyone screaming, it will be me. The only parts I have completed so far is base coat the piece and transfer the pattern to the piece. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. Until the next post, keep painting.

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