Friday, September 18, 2009

Back from London and Paris

Hi all, we are finally back from our trip to London and Paris. Most of our time was spent in London were we past the days walking, eating and shopping. For some reason we spend a lot of time at Harrods and Harvey Nichols trying to find items that we cannot get here in the states. This trip really centered around getting away from everything and just trying to relax. I think we accomplished that except that we did so much walking, my feet were killing me. The first night we purchased tickets for the West End muscial Oliver. That show was ok but we left at intermission as we just were not getting into music or the play for that matter. The next night we had tickets for Wicked. We have already seen Wicked 4 times in New York so we were very interested in seeing how the two compared. Believe it or not the London show was excellent. Some of the joke lines were changed to have more of a UK slant (we did not get them) but for the most part, the show was the same. We had a very good evening. The next two days were big shopping days for us as Mark found two sports jackets he liked. One was a very nice Paul Smith and the other was Gucci (velvet). I purchased smaller items where I picked up two pair of Armani jeans, Paul Smith sneakers, Zegna shirt (in Paris) and a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes. That was it for our shopping spree.
Monday we catch the train in London and off to Paris we went. We have never been to Paris before so we really did not know what to expect. Our hotel was the Westin which just happened to sit right outside the Louvre. From our hotel room window we had a perfect view of the Louvre to the left and the Eiffel tower on the right. A spectacular view for sure. We were only in Paris for one day and one night but we walked all over that city. By chance we were in the upscale section of Paris which included all the big name shops like Guccu, Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, Valentino, Etro, etc. Notice I only mention men's stores.......ha. We walked constantly from 10 am til around 9 pm. From the hotel to the Eiffel tower, back to the hotel, to the shops for shopping, to the Louvre (did not have time to go in, next trip), to dinner, to shop, and then finally to a little restaurant that only served Souffles where we had a late night snack. The next morning we ran to the train station and traveled back to London. I know it does not sound exciting but we are not your typical tourist. We walk, shop and eat. Now it is behind us and our next trip is Las Vegas in November............Until the next time, happy painting.

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  1. Hi David,

    Sounds like a wonderful trip and you have packed a lot into a short amount of time.

    All the walking you have been doing is a good thing.......gets rid of excess calories from the eating events.