Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New Day in Decorative Art - The Heck With Work

This morning I decided to get up and do something different than just do work stuff. So I pulled out the old brushes and started this Fusion piece from David's website. I have never done any type of fusion blending but I thought what the heck, let's give it a try. So after the mailman stopped by and left me this little package of plaques from Martha, I thought what better time than now to do something I have never done before. All I have done so far is basecoat the plaque, trace on the design, and basecoated the berries. That is a lot for me as I am usually busy getting ready for BIG demos for work but this weekend, I am going make the time to paint.

Last night I decided to get rid of the little flat screen TV that I had purchased to watch David's DVDs as I was painting. Even though the set included a built in DVD player, I thought it was just too small and not to mention I just could not get enough volume. So I went out and bought a new 32" flat screen TV and a separate DVD player to go along with it. Now I CAN SEE. I have included a picture below.

In case you do not recognize the hand, it is David Jansen, just painting away. Now I have no excuse for not getting things done. I better get back to it. Happy Painting!!!!!!!!!!!

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