Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bel Air Decorative Painters Chapter Article

We are so excited. This past weekend we had two individuals from the Bel Air Decorative Painter Chapter (Maryland) attend our Arlene Linton seminar and they wrote a fantastic review of their experience in the Chapter newsletter. We would like to share their comments with everyone. Thank you Bonnie and Debbie.

Please see below:

"Field Trip

Debbie and I had the opportunity this weekend to take our first seminar at The Pampered Palette in Gainesville, VA. The Pampered Palette is a jewel set in the rolling hills of northern Virginia, about 25 miles outside of Washington, DC. It is the perfect opportunity for you to go with your husband or your entire family to a location where you can take a day or two to paint at a seminar and they can be entertained all day touring the nation’s capital. There are other attractions nearby and also plenty of shopping and wonderful restaurants. The Pampered Palette is a painting spa! Comfortable studio with, yes, padded black rolling desk chairs!!! Yes!!! Somebody finally got it right! Coffee, tea, soda and water is provided. Fruit and coffee cakes in the morning, a wonderful lunch is provided, made for you by David and Mark. TV system in place so every seat is a good seat. And, should you desire, champagne. A glass should be raised to these two decorative artist visionaries for recognizing a comfortable atmosphere and an organized seminar experience equals a happy painter. All the supplies you could want or need are there at your fingertips and a wood room with treasure after treasure, sanded to perfection. Go to the website at  and take a look around. Note all the big brushes David and Mark have lined up for 2013. Surely there is someone you have always wanted to paint with. . . now is the time. If you go nowhere else this year for a seminar, give yourself a treat and take a seminar at The Pampered Palette. Like Debbie and me, you will look forward to going back to your next one."


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