Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 SDP Conference Round Up

What a week we had at the 2012 SDP Conference.  We were so busy in our booth that we I could not take as many pictures as I normally snap.  However, we do have a few pictures here that will give you an idea what happened during the week.

Well the first thing that occurred before the show floor opened was a very busy Wednesday.  Mark and I attended the annual meeting that morning and I stood up and provided a little speech about me running for the Board Member At Large position and guess what?  I WON!.  I am now on SDP's Board as a Member-At-Large.  I would like to thank everyone that voted for me and supported me during this past year of campaigning.  The win was unexpected but I am truly honored to represent the members on the Board.  Thank you again so much.  Your support means a lot to me.
That Wednesday afternoon I was involved in teaching a class at the conference on "Conquering Your Fear of Cyberspace".  We had approximately 30 individuals in the class that came to learn about social networking using FaceBook, Twitter, NING, Pinterest, Blogs, etc.  What a great class we had with lots of interaction and great questions.  Pampered Palette was the sponsor of the event and we gave away as attendance prize to one individual a new Apple IPAD.  The Apple IPAD was won by Nancy Simpson.

Thursday the trade floor opened early (8 am) for registered users until 10 am and then the rest of the day for all.  We (Pampered Palette) were swamped with shoppers.  So much so that a fellow friend that was demo'ing in another booth sent an individual over to help us with bagging.  We had long lines of shoppers waiting to pay for purchases which was great.  However, I felt bad that shoppers had to stand so long to purchase their items so I learned a valuable lesson there.  For all of our shows from this point forward, we will have two cash register checkout areas and there will be a redesign of the booth in general.  Hopefully, we will be able to process our shoppers more expeditiously in the future (we are working on it).

That afternoon we were joined by none other than the OUTSTANDING Artist Priscilla Hauser.  Priscilla helps us celebrate SDP's Birthday by demonstrating items that she demonstrated 40 years ago at SDP's very first Conference.  Pampered Palette served a great RED VELVET cake to all attendees that join us at our booth.  We had a fantastic time serving cake, singing Happy Birthday to SDP and painting with Priscilla.  It was great.

Friday we had Judy Westegaard and Anne Hunter demonstrating in our booth using DecoArt Traditions acrylics.  We would like to thank each of them for joining us in our booth and celebrating 40 years of painting by demonstrating, meeting friends, and sharing their knowledge with all that attended.  What a great day.

The whole week was great.  Everywhere you looked you saw Pampered Palette.  Of course there is the trailer with all the lettering all over it, but there was also Pampered Palette buttons, Pampered Palette announcements. and Pampered Palette shopping tote bags.  They were everywhere you looked.  It was great.  Pampered Palette and the East Coast were very well represented at this conference.  Our Betty Caithness print was giving away on Saturday at 12 noon. The winner was Noreen Engelland and we even was able to get a couple of pictures of Noreen holding her new print.  Noreen just happened to be in the exhibit hall when we had Sue Bower (Past SDP President) draw the winning ticket.  Good for you Noreen.

A great week indeed.  We are looking forward to the 2013 SDP Conference in Chicago and have already made plans to be there.  However, our next Conference is Houston.

HOUSTON HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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