Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SDP Wichita Seminar

The other weekend (February 26, 27, & 28), Mark and I hopped on a plane flying to Wichita Kansas to attend the SDP Maureen McNaughton seminar. We painted three different Maureen McNaughton patterns over the three day period. We did not get them completely finished but we gave it our best shot. I think this time the hardest part of the seminar for most of us was sitting in the same chair for three solid days. By the time the seminar was over, there was not one part of my body that did not hurt (from the chairs) While there we met a lot very nice people, exchange ideas, tips, jokes, laughter, etc. and of course I did some shameless marketing. I handed out business cards and Pampered Palette ink pens. Well, we made til the end of the seminar and was very pleased with our projects. The pictures above are from the seminar and of course one of the pictures is my completed piece. The other two pieces I have not completed yet............mainly because since the seminar, I have been on travel to Germany and Santa Fe. Seems a little hectic at the moment.

Now let's talk about Germany a little. We woke up Saturday morning (in Germany) to SNOW. I just about dropped my teeth as the weather was not calling for any snow. Evidently, it was an unexpected snowfall that caused many accidents throughout the area. After having over 42 inches of snow this year in DC, snow was not something that I wanted to see. Once we got over the shock of snow falling, we spent the day walking around Frankfurt, shopping, and of course eating. We returned just in time for me to hop my next flight (for work) to Santa Fe. What a busy few much travel for me as I am feeling a little exhausted not knowing what time zone I am in..................................
Well, now I am home and my plans are to paint one of Maureen's patterns on a ceramic bisque (a plate). I think this will really look quite nice on the plate......hopefully I can stay off of planes long enough to
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See us at the Wichita SDP Conference in May 2010 at booth #317..........See ya there. Until Next Time, Happy Painting.

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