Saturday, March 20, 2010

Launching of a New Social Network

I just seem to be constantly trying new things. Everyone, by now, knows of my little run in with FaceBook as they apparently have a problem with the speed that you grow your friends list. Well, this week I also realized that on FaceBook all you have to do is have some of your competitors complain against you and guess what? You are booted off their site losing all of your friends and fans. So I have decided to keep a very small presence on FaceBook which I have done by establishing a new page. However, that is not where I will place all my eggs as I have learned you cannot control or trust people (competitors) on FaceBook.

Well, after a day of thinking that I had been defeated in my attempts to grow our decorative painting and ceramics industries and trying to figure out my next steps, I had a realization. Yep, I am not going to let FaceBook get me down, not one bit. I started to search the internet on social networks and networking ideas. I thought there had to be another FaceBook type application out there on the internet world. Well I found a few like MySpace, which I still have not figured that one out. The problem I had was that the other sites did not offer me the flexibility or functionality that I wanted. Which brought me to another realization of idea. I will build my own social network. A site that is open to all artists no matter what art or craft industry they participate or what paint they use. All artists are welcome (see my reasoning here?) as you may have a person join the site that is in to scrapbooking that may decide to try painting or a person that is using a different paint line that may try Heritage. The site has to serve the communities to educate, encourage, and promote decorative painting and ceramics. So, after kicking this around a little we launched the Decorative Arts and Ceramics soical network. So far we have over 175 members located in the US, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Argentina and Australia. We have a varied membership of ceramcists, decorative artists and even members that paint on gourds and eggs. We are getting great response and lots of participation. So far our members have posted over 115 pictures of their finished pieces and 5 how to videos. For only being up for a couple of days that is great participation. The best part about this is that it is all FREE to all members and groups. Now just watch us grow.

The site is specifically for decorativing painting and ceramics. So it is those individuals that work, teach, paint, create, design or are just interested in the arts. We can even set up groups areas for SDP chapters so they can post the information, pictures, events, videos or whatever specific their organizations. I am pleased as punch at the progress we have made this week. So please that we will have a computer set up at the SDP Conference where attendees will be able to navigate the site and actually become a member right there - LIVE. The picture posted above will be a postcard that we will be handing out at the conference. We have even expanded our tables for the booth. One table will have a table throw that say "Pampered Palette" and the other will say "Decorative Arts and Ceramics". Just never a dull moment in at Pampered Palette.

Well that is the news this week. Until next time..........HAPPY PAINTING!

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