Sunday, June 21, 2009


Mark's Roses (did not remove the lines)

Hi all. I just got home from the Society of Decorative Painters convention in Peoria and thought I would write a little about my trip. This was my very first decorative painting convention so I really did not know what to expect so let's see if I can give you a little run down on what actually occurred.

David's Roses (Paul Seymour's Class)

We (Mark and I) arrived in Peoria on Thursday, June 18th after a fairly uneventful flight from Washington Dulles through Chicago and on to Peoria. We grabbed our luggage, picked up the rental car, and off to the hotel we drove. I guess we arrived at the hotel in about half an hour as it was only about 7 miles from the airport to the hotel. After parking the car and dragging the luggage to the room, we where off to the convention center. The first stop was the registration booth where we picked up our conference badges and other associated goody bag materials.

Now here comes the strange part. We left the registration booth and walked into the the convention expo floor where all the vendors were located. I bet I did not walk 50 feet when I heard someone say "DAVID"? When I turned around it was Paul Seymour and his wife Cathy. Here we were about 2 1/2 hours from DC and someone knows me. The funny part was that Paul recognized me from my picture on my Pampered Palette blog. We had never met. We chatted a while and the we were off to find the Jansen Art booth. There, after many hours of communicating with the Heritage members via email and blog, I finally met David and Martha Jansen, Georgia and Blake Dawbon, Hazel Anthony (from Australia), and Bobbie Koelsch. What a great group of artists. I feel very honored to have met each artist and they made Mark and I feel so welcome. Trying not to wear out our welcome or come across like groupies.......ha., Mark and I hung out at the booth for a while talking about the NEW HERITAGE TRAINING PROGRAM, which will be released some time, we are told, around the fall. We even got to look at pictures of the training manual. I CAN'T WAIT.......................................BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW, let's look at day two of the convention. Early in the morning we headed over to the expo floor and actually participated in a "Make and Take" stroke roses project with the one and only PAUL SEYMOUR. We had a great time there and our roses did not look bad at all. I was shocked..................that they actually looked like roses. Paul was a great instructor but I have to tell you that Mark and I gave him such a hard time during the lesson that I he may actually consider retirement................just kidding Paul. We had a great time.

From the stroke roses class we were off for our very first ever SDP course. Mark and I had signed up for a class with Maureen McNaughton. I was a little uneasy entering the class as we both had only completed maybe 4 to 5 pieces since beginning decorative painting a few months ago. We walked into the class and we were two in a class of 60................A little scary I must say. In fact, we were the only two men in the class. I walked up to Maureen and mentioned to her that Mark and I were newbies and we had a few concerns about taking the class. Maureen and her staff immediately made us feel very welcome and in fact Maureen said we would do fine, not to worry. And you know what? She was right. We are very pleased with the pieces that we painted. Everyone one in the class was very helpful and made us feel so welcome. WE LOVED IT!!!!! The class ended around 5 pm so that was it for the day.

David's Tulips (Maureen's Class)

Saturday morning right off the bat we were off to take another Maureen McNaughton class (different piece/technique). This time we are much more relaxed so the class was somewhat easier or we were just a lot more at ease. Both days we were the only two men in the class but we did our best. We met some great people like Sandy Scales, Sally McAloon, and four other great artist that unfortunately I do not remember their names. I know, that is bad for me not to remember someone's name but I met so many impressive individuals this weekend that I am feeling a little overwhelmed. However, I am going to HOOT and have signed up with several Maureen classes so hopefully I see them all there (and remember the names this time.....).

David's (Maureen's Class)

Well, we had two great classes with Maureen (neither piece is completed yet). We would recommend a Maureen class to anyone. Now I don't want to leave Paul out as we had a great time with him. In fact, Mark and I are planning to the new HERITAGE classes from Paul and get ready Georgia as we plan to pay you a visit as well.

I guess I should stop babbling and just say that we had a great time. We would like to thank everyone for making us feel so welcome. It was really great meeting each of you. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

PS................I was in AWE watching David paint.

Thanks everyone, HAPPY PAINTING.....................................

David and Mark


  1. Hi David,

    I just checked my email and got your questions regarding stroke roses. I will send on all instructions. I had such a great time in that "make it-take it" with you and Mark. We did laugh a lot but the painting was wonderful. I can't believe you guys have only been painting for a half a year. Very impressive! One of my favorite parts of the convention was putting faces with names. I will be in touch soon.


  2. David,

    It was great to meet the two of you. I wish we lived closer as you guys are a lot of fun.

    You should take David's class when he goes to Georgia's. I know you would have a great time and Dave made it seem so easy to me when I took my first seminar with him.

    I won't be at HOOT, but hope to run into you both again sometime.

    Happy travels,


  3. Hi David,

    It was great to meet you and Mark in Peoria. It is obvious you both had a really good time in the classes.

    I agree the new education manual is awesome and I'm glad you are looking forward to painting the lessons - I'm looking forward to scheduling some classes in Australia!

    Hope to see you in Wichita next year!

    Happy painting,