Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PEORIA -- HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it has been a really long time since I added any information to my blog. That is mainly because I have been absolutely swamped at work with many really big software demos to some very important customers. In order for me to get ready for my demos, it requires many hours of research, demo software configuration and build, and finally just prepping for the demo itself. In the past few weeks I have been so busy with demo build/prep that I have not even been able to pick up a brush. However, that is all going to change tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I get on a plane for Peoria where I will attend the Society of Decorative Painters conference. This is a big deal for me as I have never ever attended a decorative painting conference and many of the people that I communicate via email quiet frequently like David and Martha Jansen, Paul Seymour, Georgia, etc. I have never met. This will be the time that I get to meet all those people and hopefully more. So guys -- get ready because I am on my way.

I wanted mainly to see what goes on at the conference especially on the Expo floor. I am a shopper from way back so I hope they have lots of "stuff" to buy. In an effort to take advantage of my time there, I decided to book two classes. Friday and Saturday I have a class with Maureen McNaughton so I am hoping that I do not feel totally lost. That feeling could be because I am still very new to decordative painting and the fact that for the last few weeks I am been unable to paint (like 4 weeks). Even though I am new, I plan to sit in the back of the room and obsorb as much information as I can during the class.

Today I am have taken a vacation day from work so that I can get ready for the big plane ride tomorrow. That is why I am able to take the time to post something work to worry about today. Hopefully, I can get back into the swing to painting and continue to move forward with my training.

HEY PAUL......Mark and I are planning to come up to your place one day for a class. Hopefully, that will be really soon. The next few months will be a little rough though as we will be in Peoria this week, then off to Hawaii in July, London in September and Las Vegas in November. Even though it will be a little hectic, I intend to find time to get to Paul's for a class especially for the NEW training program.

Anyway, I am going to run as I do need to start pulling things together for tomorrow. I am looking forward to the convention/conference and meeting all kinds of people..............have a great day and keep painting..................I guess I should take my own advice and keep painting.........

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