Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Article In the CeraKanvas Magazine

Well, we just returned from a week in Florida.  Boy was it hot down there and we had a couple of thunderstorms that were unbelievable.  It rained so hard I thought everything was going to get washed away.  Very interesting experience.  This was work related travel but while there, I was able to do a little painting in my off hours.  I am working on a Telemark Rosemaling pattern by Lois Mueller.  A very pretty little piece that is fun to paint and not really difficult.  So, I am continuing with that and hopefully will have it completed soon since we are now back in the studio.

While gone on business travel, the Ceramic Artist Guild released their newest issue of the CeraKanvas online magazine.  We have a lesson/article in this issue as well titled "Strawberry and Daisy Delight".
Check out the latest edition of the CeraKanvas magazine. Be sure to check out my article titled "Strawberry and Daisy Delight".  Go to:

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