Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Hectic Week - New Computer/New System/New Shelves

Well this has been another very hectic week as I, for some odd reason, decided to purchase a new point of sale software solution for Pampered Palette. Well, that was a little bigger item to carry off than I was expecting. Just the whole integration with our financial system was enough to send me straight for therapy. Now that we have everything installed, the system provides a lot of interesting features including barcoding and scanning, cash drawer, receipt printing, credit card processing and much much more. If a new point of sale system was not enough, I decided to purchase and install a new computer with 1 TB hard drive and 8 gigs of memory running the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. That required the moving of all my files and software off of the old machine and onto the new machine. Another big headache as nothing seems to be as easy as everyone says it should be. It is a good thing that I have my own personal computer genius (Mark) who handles all my computer problems. With his help everything is up and running.
The pictures above are of my supply room that I am putting together. We have been busy putting together shelves, stocking the shelves and running an inventory for the new POS system. As you can see, I try to utilize every inch of space so that I can pack as many items on my shelves as possible. I still need to add some additional shelves especially where I stock plates giving me more room to stock more items without having to install a complete new set of shelves. I just add a shelf where needed. So far, so good.
Well working on all the computer stuff and shelving has left very little time for painting. However, I did get a few things started like my new pattern packet (number 2) that I a painting before scripting. I paint, take pictures, paint, take pictures and then finally I will script out the instructions. I really do not have enough hands to get everything completed. There are times that I feel overwhelmed. Well actually I think that is most of the time recently.
This week I fly to Los Angeles for the weekend and then back to Santa Fe on Monday. Well that cuts the time I would have to paint this weekend. I am home for a weekend (February 6) and then the following weekend we are off to Delaware for another painting seminar. Actually, during February we have two seminars. The second one is the weekend of February 26th with Maureen McNaughton in Wichita (SDP Headquarter). Oh well, maybe next month.
I really have tons to do so I will get off my box temporarily. Until the next post, HAPPY PAINTING!

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